Movie It looks like that we are in a great nightmare are, this Covid-19 no Country is Covid-19 free. Non Country are free from Covid-19 The earth has enough from it the animals we shoot down and let a ather see how a great hunter we are, it is a shame, we must shame us. […]

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The Curve between Norway, Zweden and the Netherlands they sayd they are righ, Zweden is the rights own US, Netherlands gives fals curves in there historical. Wat the say is wreely fals nothing is be true. If the governement say we must ouwer people give mony wat so is. That littel children old people and […]

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I Read More In This Rear World And I Get Idaes For A Blog.

I read at the moment more books or, and more newspapers what the Corona-virus does in ouwer country.

We have to short on IC chambers and the Italiën ask us for IC chambers, and we have also to short on IC chambers. Is it rear that ouwer minister presedent say no we cant help you may bee if, and that if we go listen in the evening 17.00 h or 19.00h than we hope we have a answer on that if and why.

This, This is a virus what all the time under us whas, do we know still the Spanisch influenza, the older under us knouwt it, then whas no virus but they said but I get notingh last of no vever no nothing but I get from Spain to Holland. The dokter has askt me were are you been Gran Canaria it hurts by Spain. The dokter will rather more to know what it whas and of there medication or a vaccin for whas, no thus.

If this comes into Indi or suith Azië, Afric etc. The hell break lose enytiaime were you go you get to pay, you are not into quarantaine only for medicine and briefing youre dokter or stuff to go (shopping) for some eat.

Possible go the quarantaine longer as 6 april possibly shall it 1 may or 1 june. It dipance of the quarantaine-beds how manny they are need or how many they can the hospital lose because they have a mirecale believed and they do still a live.

Sorry but the most go die on this rear Corona-virus it’s terrible, and for the arts and the people who with him workt with him. Those people are so tired that they have nearly a burn out. So you can not work this is a crisis furst class.

What we have took from the nature, the nature will it back, there whas a person who has said, if the nature and the rivers the see them not well feel they go fight that they them selfs good feel. Thus there comes a dissaster about the hole world. I have never forgotten that.

Whe come to the end:

Go sing, go read, go sleep, go on youre home trainer etc if it is in youre house.

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So if you see I will have it, after a days about Sports Motorcross there comes more and more crashes on the race- trek also when they do start. Blessing But you have more Sports so as Tennis, in a run you can go and blessed on your feed, catastrofel for a Sportsman who played […]

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Health Carpenter 2

Health Carpenter 2 Well the Hospital has let me go, 21 may I must come back for what the dokter say to me what I have. It could be asbest cancer, it could be a ammonia or a choronical brochitis. Then wee have a not good working left hartklep, and maybee with a lac. What […]

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Yesterday I was angry, why what I have on mine heart, and it is my happend, I can very long mine mouth but on a moment that it go to high, I must it spit it out. So that is out and we can now forgot this, but ask me. So as I ask. But […]

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It Looks Like Winter.

Here in the Netherlands must it nearly be summer, thus the sun is shinning warm and evrybody is normal happy. But not now. The Ice time is coming faster than you think. Water too short and there comes not very much out of the ground, so as little patattoes and ather bol or what you […]

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Ben Bezig Aan Mijn Tweede Boek.

Mag ik mezelf even voorstellen. Ik heet Saskia Borst heb een boek geschreven over wat is epilepsie?. En bij volle maan en andere rare hemel lichamelijke verschijningen, gebeuren er de gekste dingen. Je kan naar dromen of als je nog op bent kunnen er vreemde dingen gebeuren. U zult zich afvragen waarom stelt die zich […]

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Wie is de Mol?

Wie is de Mol voor mij aan de hints te zien zijn dat 2 mogelijke personen dertien is een hint dat wijst op van Beckhoven. Met de rug tegen de muur,wijst op Chan. Oefening baart kunst wijst weer naar van Beckhoven in een land waar ze alle twee heen wilden en eigenlijk ook kennen vanwege […]

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Vervolg 3 Waarom Ik?

Iedere keer maar of ik niet een klein foutje zou maken en me er vervolgens op aan kunnen spreken, ook al was het mijn fout niet valse beschuldigingen en daar heb ik de grootste hekel aan, vals beschuldigd worden als je nog niet op je werk bent, of er al een plan gesmeed wordt. Die […]

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Blz. 45 Frankrijk

Ik had daar lang last van, tot mijn 18e a 19e levensjaar, toen was het in één klap ook over. Dat ging heel raar, mijn ouders wilde weg op vakantie, met zijn tweeën naar Frankrijk plus minus drie weken, wat hun beweegredenen waren, is voor iedereen onduidelijk gebleven, we konden er maar naar gissen, maar […]

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Eerste Vaccinatie Gehad.

Voor de eerste keer heb ik mijn prik gehad, Pfizer heb ik gehad, ben er maar wat blij mee. Op 20 juni moet ik om mijn 2e prik, dan zou ik helemaal beschermd moeten zijn. Maar je moet goed op je lichaam letten, omdat na de tweede injectie tegen corona (Pfizer) dan pas flinke bijwerkingen […]

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Te Snelle Inenting Tegen Corona.

Ja, je zult je wel afvragen hoe weet je dat. Gewoon Google het Pfizer bijwerking mensen die een bepaalde allergie hebben wordt het sterk afgeraden om een Pfizer injectie te nemen. Waarschijnlijk ben je dan beter af met Moderna daar staat niets over allergieën als je zo’n injectie krijgt. Jansen en Jansen is nog in […]

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Injectation Pfizer.

Is Pfizer good, there is a mutation from the Covid – 19 and the dokters who has look for it where the mutation is becomming into youre body. So do you have Covid – 19 had and you still a live. Than you can have a copie folt that copie folt go to youre DNA. […]

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Mine Yews Eyes?

Oké in what kind of movie/film come or bin I? Simpel black and with people do discriminated me on mine eyes but I’am a christian Khatoliek. Point 1 why do they this to me from scool on highscool, but I give them not the chanse on the University. And was the meaning of mine spirit […]

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