The Art of Writing

Meestal schrijf ik in het Nederlands want dat is mijn moedertaal vandaag proberen we het in het Engels.The Art of Writing is that the most name’s fictif have too bee and that is diffeculty. I have seen the blog from Toby … i know not furder his name but he knows.

I Found it diffeculty too writhe a book aubout myself.

Without no enything expirince (i have never a book wrote) and it go about myself the most people let do that i found it too personly so i can take when it was to personly and i have make a view sins whit fiction. But i fund not yet a a point that is good for the export of my book.

I have at rady just before Utopia on the TV come’s.

It shoud be a littele film from 1 between 3/4 oure without a breake no breake is better then you can understand my story from my 4 years old between 58 years old i was a diffecult child centerly when you are 14 years old you have a diffecult period. Curtenly when you must take pills for you hole live, that is standing in to the book it is written in Duths.

Greatings: Saskia Borst I hope that you can read my Englisch it’s not well i know that.


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