My Grammar that i have too make today i’m not verry happy whith this but we try. So i looked to a foodbalgame their come’s a boy from 13 years old near me and look for a good place i think he will look with me, he know’s me i know him. I diden’t saw he has a pistol with him. And i looked, the players from Joegoslavia are muth better, but theim misisted chanshe’s the boy wash for the ather teame. He took his pistol and put it on my head right side, i becon to swet, hot and not comfortebale. The boy put the pistol from his lock so he he can should me down and i looked to the game and i go ask and talk to the boy. I had 2 questions is the pistol on sharp and in their bollets in yes he let see me. You must know how it is with talking all come’s good. I ask may i see it, he give it me, the pistol was with wreale bolets loaded. The bolets let them feld in my hands and hold the pistol, i put the boy for 2 choises (we go to the police) or we go to youre parents and what theim do is for you my boy. I have never heard about this. Greatings Saskia Borst.


Mijn blogs zijn bedoeld voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar. Er kunnen namelijk wat schokkende verhalen tussen zitten. Maar ik heb nog een vraag ik zoek nog steeds een sponsor die mij wil helpen om deze blogs te kunnen uitgeven (autobiografisch) in een boek, graag een reactie?Geef een reactie

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