Solo’s Journey, from a book.

Solo the jongest cat of a Quorum, with them leader Brinddel of the Quorum. The cat named Solo wash to young to go from his Mother, he feld that wash somthing happend about his Mother and what that wash he did’t know, but he has so verry verry hungry, and he wait just 2 days on his Mother and she did’t came what wash happend, he ask himself. And they same time he came out of his hole where his Mother 4 months ago, on earth helpd. So he walked quiet to look for foot.Solo wash so verry skinny and go to drink where he find water a vieuw 2 miles he sawe a littel bit what look like of foot aigain Solo go’s quiet he wash walking and still loking too the food with his nose he smels a littel bit he takes, it wash to do just he take a vieuw more and he has no hungry any more. He stand still and go lay down into the high grass. He heard any thing and would go back to his hole, he heard a heard voice where came it from syncly he looked where wash came frome the voice, hai you there again the voice what are you doing here whats youre name, calm and quiet Solo ansewerd the question Dom Brindell my name is Solo and i’m looking for my Mother i’m 4 months old and my Mother wash Mercel after those 2 days i haver never see here again, Dom Brindel says to his lutannend Ponder will you Solo take of you side when we get to and in oure Quorum yes Dom Brindell and so the go further on teire way to them Quorum and Solo go with them. But Solo shal be a lot of afentuers make theim shal makes Solo nobody know that only Solo he wash born too bee a leader of the Quorum and his famliy cats. On a day says Ponder, Spanna and Selvin we can learn him to catfitht, he must somtingh learn to fight for him self when it word difficulty Selvin has right say Spanno, Ponder get up and stretsh himself he sayd oké we go not far i have to look out for him he is just only 6 month old, old enough to go from his Mother Selvin sayd, but he know nothing about how cats in the wild liive. And Brindell Spanno ask, Ponder say let Brindell to me.


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