Solo’s Journey Part 2

Selvin and Spanno knew that Ponder the great fither of the 3 wash and Solo say still and too quietly that the ather 3 cat’s did’t heare enithing he said a little bit lauder quiet stand still i hear somthing but, the ather 3 began to ask ssst Solo sayd for me aysmiles mayby 2 are 3 howe many is that for you Ponder to the South-Eest, can you smel it no Solo sayd with confedence. Solo you must behind me Ponder sayd, Selvin will you go too the North, Spanno you do Eest and i and Solo shale South-North then we can oure cat whith a curtenly put in oure clauws. So they go work and Solo sayd it smel to hard straintch but the ather 3 came from theire posision to and Solo wash stil after Ponder and yel look out a hole in the ground the 3 bards stand still and own by own there looked in the hole that wash straintch the 3 bards had never earlyer so hole seen when them on catfithing playd and the oner who has the greatest cat or somthing athers wash the first vieuw months the biggist fither from his quorum. He make chans in his Quorum a step up forword can do and Ponder can it just brought, may the moment that theym somting see and with there 3 from there possisions doke one they where sprit in there eys, and it smels verry straintch. Not the smel that a bard normaly have, Spanno howe get whe that cleare by Brindell, Brindell yes teire you are somthing saying. The littel Solo begin himself to help himself with his thong trough his yeughhaers the ather 3 did it too athter many ouhers the go back to theire qourum, Brindell makes his sorhouw’s he ask what that straints smel wash the cat’s knew that the must be have onesly and orfall to Brindell after them story he sayd go and you may come  back if the smel wash gone Solo knew he smels too and have to go whith them he should be as a betraier if he did’t so he go whith them and them walked and walked about vieuw ouwers them says to theim where are we here is no street only a great maisfield there wash no tree’s where the can’t hunting on food. With side are we walked Spanno askt i dond’t know Ponder, Selvin looked around him, Solo did that too and shaw a place where them parhabs a good dry good sliep. But how to get eat, find eat it wash a disscision will not endet, but there haere for to make clean and the stainch smel hophely go quick away so than can look forward to there Quorum where they have lived, Brindell send them away it wash verry tuff and the food let takes wait on them the 3 great barden sayd shal we look how we can nearly by oure Quorum? Is that a good plan, Solo is it whise to do that we can try, Spanno sayd i go first Selvin you West after me en Ponder take’s the ather side, Ponder sayd whith a dark voice, you stay here Solo you are to littel, to go with us, why with a softly voice he asked. I sayd you are to littel, so and who is looking for me whe are quick back if the Quorum oure smel, smels than we have quick to you. If that is not you heard from us and you can come, in the Quorum evritigh go well and the days go on the 3 bards where forgotten there wash nothing happend how strainch is that? When Ponder after two days with Selvin and Spanno they come two miles fom there own Quorum sombody see’s them he go to Brindell and sayd i have seen Spanno, Ponder and Selvin what are the doining here? Brindell sayd go too look of that indeed when i sayd go and never come back. So they do it they go back after that them have seen and smel because the smel wash inportant for Brindell, where is littel Solo they askt to Ponder you know that you the littel know nothing you have to stay by Solo. At the same time Spreker a cat of the same Quorum wash visit at Solo where he still waiting on his frinds, but this wash differend Solo go quiet he go on his afterback stil backwards and then for the first time Spreker tok’s to him, Solo’s ears go stand up and stay so. Don’t shame you, you shall more find on youre path. Wath is mine path also the saga of the bigin to the end, Yes i know the beginning of the saga and the end well the end is never ending each day there is a Saga and you know how old are you so each day of your live is a Saga and the cats where pfilosephol speaking and ours go forward, Spreker wash verry imprest of the littel Solo and ask to waked with him so they good furder speak about the Saga but, Spreker sayd not evriting. Solo’s task wash cleaer he wash the next Spreker, Spreker is not a name but a title littele Solo did’t know that.


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