Solo’s Journey Part 3

Solo would stay by the family who he has at that moment Selvin, Spanno and the most of all by Ponder he must look after the littel cat. He was still old enfouth to live by himself. But he feels some generally look like to Spanno and Spanno has the same impression. Both did’t know that, and why it always so wash. In the beginning Solo wash missing his Mother as well but the 3 bards (grow cats) helpt him theire a verry lot with. He was tiered and would going to sleep, always and a long walk with Spreker from Spreker you can learn a lot he things but if Spreker not anymore is from who can i learn he ask himself he thought to the answer and feld so in a deep sleep and feld to Ponder with his head on Ponders haert and so they sleep all of the 3 grouw bard. They may come back from Brindell they where all the 3 tiered.Then they heard far a way a hard noise what noise wash that? Brindell say come evrybody littel Solo to they strecht and walkt to the noise it wash going specially any time more. Spreker wash also with practacal near Brindell. Solo sayd Stop they stopted and looked at him wy do you have somthing to say you are the yongest of evrybody Do you see nothing that blu lihgt no say Brindell and all the athers say also no Solo must forword for Brindell and Spreker Ponder speak the littel Solo confedece too you can this quitly he go to Brindell slow  and show Brindell what it wash a Quorum cat wash totally fast between to tath and he wash bleeding as well they could not make him lose frome the big tath there wash food and the cat liked that, Solo undersood quickly as well wath is happening and began his story to tell aigain Brindell and Spreker they sow a Quorumcat go to die Solo feel his not happy. Solo sow this rather not the littel cat tried his feelings good but it feld not good. Brindell sayd how could we this make careful outstanding. Minutes and minutes go and Spreker came whith the anwer if we go with all of us go to the tath than we can with oure feets from the back many sand put in and than they have to go close. Brindell would sure of this works its the only way to close them. Brindell found it good it must bee in the evenig it’s still light so we can see and Solo can teym see you go furst than me and Spreker the ather cats walked in posision who them know. And own by own them make unsuful for the people they have placed. Nearley the dark cam’s and Solo and his new family are just ready those were verry happy that no more Quorumcats should dy. Solo so young as he wash Brindell ask of he know of all the klaws are out of function and of there no more are mabee seem’s about them ears and eys? littel Solo wash certain and tell Brindell that. They walkt after that hard work to there Qurum Solo walked behind Ponder back in his own possision Ponder gif’s him a lot of compliment he wash growing aswell Ponder sayd good work stupidhead Solo grow not enymore. Ponder sayd a joke must bee posibble, Solo accept’t he wash not mean.


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