Solo’s Journey Part 4

Spreker has told littel Solo what more wash than only the Quorum where they live, Solo hase think aubout whater and the high and low landscape’s. That was a desilossion. When he later should be go to the west and not do what the ather cat’s did. When you are 7 year’s old then you make all allone go look where you, you Quorum should bee, ofcourse with ather cat’s and you are the leader, so Brindell wash at the moment just you have to wait. On a butiful day the lay lazy down, came Ditto with  fast as he can and told he has no breaf but he sayd Tanner comes with a lot of ather cat’s from ather Quorum they are with there 12. Evrybody wash shokking aubout this. Tanner go in there Quorum (unassual) but wy he did that., Tanner sayd laud i would that Fighthead erybody shokked aigan, Brindell wash not in the Quorum and now? Brindell sayd here i am Tanner wash supprisd 2 milles from him wash sithing Brindell and wait quiet on Tanner. Them know that they have to fight for the Qurum and the hole fammily. When the cat’s of Tanner are still winning so Solo go a way, go to the wife’s and with own eyemove wash it clear for the wife’s, just own look for the yongowns they are were just born. But when Brindell and the ather cat’s nearly has lose and there Quorum are go to Tanner, Tanner has than two Quorum’s then the wifecat’s came and fight as a bard surprised so many cat’s how wash thath possible, Tanner did’t know it Brindell sayd and now Tanner what go you doing, Tanner bowe his head and sayd oké you win Brindell sayd let never see you aigain. Tanner gives his word, but by Tanner you did’t know when he should came back his word wash not muths as ussely. Brindell say sorry i have 2 gards need own outside and own inside, Spanno and Ponder are the inside gards Ditto and Selvin for the outside. They walkt away. Solo has not anymore his fiends about him that wash tarreboule, Kitty-Kitty you go to sleep by Solo and take youre own young with you, and the athers they can find also a sleepplace with there young so have Solo mabee ather cat’s to learn from so long Ditto, Selvin, Ponder and Spanno outsite must gardwalking. Kitty-Kitty did’t wath her wash told if Kitty-Kitty that did the athers did to. There are many cats in the Quorum of Brindell he head now aether wise to can say thank you to the wife’s and they must have protection of the Quorum so a dubble gard wead normaly it’s own gard now Tanner has tiered the Quorum take’s over, you never know with Tanner, Tanner wash young and strong but give’s never up. But it look’s like that Tanner hold his word so far so good. Ponder and Spanno ask of the gard outside can give up and Brindell go verry mad at this time he sayd go back to youre posission Spanno would spaek to him no chance,but Spanno tried again aigain Ponder come’s nearly Spanno and sayd Brindell sorry you are unreachebal not fair we would only to speak with you. Would you fight wash the answer wy fight it we will talk. Who will fight Spanno will you fight if you will a fight i fight Ponder sayd i have the first right to fight i know sayd Spanno but he askt me. Brindell is Grazy how is that possible it’s happend after Tanner. But i shall fight Spanno sayd he whant’s me so i fight stand back Ponder. Evrybody wash afraid for Spanno Spreker came and shaw what happend and could not anymore speake to Brindell, Ponder tell him what wash happend. Solo look from his sleepingplace with Kitty-Kitty near him to the fight between Brindell and Spanno.


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