Solo’s Journey Part 5

Solo thought when he looked to the fight at like that Spanno should lose but he wash quick and took Brindell by his head and hold him fast so fast that he the first 5 minuts his head evry where you seem’s like it should be a red cat but it wash only bloud butiful fres blood. Solo did not know what who is winning Solo has ofcourse more on Spanno than Brindell. When it wash for Spanno the last what he can do wash Brindell take and pushed him on the ground, bouth totally lost Spanno wash to good for Brindell he asked him to go and no more to come back (what Brindell about Tanner sayd that wash his own soul). There wash 1 gard North and East side in the night where for South and North. Tath same day all the cats must be loyllty be Spanno he wash the new leader. When evrybody promissid his or her loylty then wash he not yet instalead that wash for Spreker that wash his task so he did and Spanno heard for the first time that his son Solo wash and Solo heard that also for the first time. Spreker found the littel cat filesofic somting new it wash’t his father mabey from his Mother? After a week wash Brindell aigain on the floor he could walk but he look’s dangerous from his eys and have plan to say goodby from Spanno. He look’s mean out of his eys verry mean. The live go’s on and nothing else the cat’s must take the time to know them have a new Leader in the name of Spanno. When Spreker, Solo has told that he the son is from Spanno and that Solo mabey later on also tittel aswell could have with say’s Spreker so as usewell not. Solo begon to dream from new countrys to see, Solo dreamd the hole night about the butiful places with he is the boss or has a ather important function  but it wash still a dream when the sun wash shinning in  his eys, he did open first his right ey he show it wash a butiful day than he opend his left ey go strecht himself and would walking to look for somting to eat and fursty wash he alsoo when he walked. He found some wather and somting to eat when he has enough he go back to his sleepplace, Kitty-Kitty wash worried about him. This day shoud be a dangerous day for Solo that wash the first time he feld no dangere. Spanno and Ponder where to look for eat and some drink, and that moment nobody forfot, Brindell game back Selvin and Kitty-Kitty where near him, Ditto the gard go to Spanno and Ponder and sayd that Brindell wash back. Brindell stap’s to Solo and Solo did’t know what to do. Brindell take’s him by his head and did the same as Spanno did by him he should his head up and down when Solo wash lost of Brindell he still laying down at the ground. His eay’s where down and closed there wash a slow haert Spanno wash angry on Brindell why Solo? he is the youngest bard not growing up wy askt evrybody. Becarful them bringing to his sleepingplace, Spanno sayd to Ditto go look for Spreker where ever he is, Ditto go so fast as he good. And he came back with Spreker, Spreker sayd get out of my way i want to look Solo. From bottom to his head he would missing nothing he heard a weak heard verry verry slow. He sayd he liv’s but, he has a lot of rest needed so give him to eat and drink so muth he can have. Spanno told Kitty-Kitty to look after him and to do what Spreker has told Kitty-Kitty wash shide she ask the ather Mother’s to help her certenly the night there must be a gard, who did the first night women do not talk this wash seriously Mandy sayd i do. Kitty-Kitty go for eat some own go with her to go for drink. So day in and day out. How verry hungry the ladys are evryting wash for Solo he must be better, evry day Spanno and Ponder, Selvin and Ditto aswell came for to ask how Solo wash doing, still nothing. The last 2 month from the 5 month wash Solo in a deep sleep and dreamt his future he know that he as a great leader from this Quorum evry cat saved, saved from the human the people the will have a wild cat he could that not happend here is he grow up and shall be helped any ather cat that wash his dream 3 month he wash in dangher but the last two month he wash in own dream from a fast sleep. The day he waked up Kitty-Kitty shaw as first somting and asked Ditto to go look out for Spanno and the ather own’s. Ditto go’s and quickly aswell let Spanno, Ponder and ofcourse Spreker his seem Spreker ask Kitty-Kitty what she has seen his eay’s moved. We go look when Spreker looked in his eay’s he sahw nothing but he looked the ather wond’s it wash good then a littel mauw high Spreker look in his eay’s slowly verry slowly go their own eay open then the second eay also slowly verry slowly go open. Spreker listen to his heart not muth live but he has open his ey’s that wash butiful. Can you stand askt Spreker so littel Solo tried and it go he stand not fast on his feat’s but he stand up. Spanno and Ponder give complements to Kitty-Kitty and the ather than she askt they have helpt me to. But you have did the most shall we go to ouwere place the ather wimen would walked away to there sleepingplace i mand that not so evrybody take’s care for Solo has the same complement i should no how i must reagting so forgifv me ladys excuses accepted by the lady’s and they stay. Whats going happend, how go we further away and must be are two gard’s. Spanno what’s youre plan at the moment, Spanno wash suprprised yes that heart be the new leader have a plan. Spanno did’t know the only he could sayd, we go look for Brindell to look for of he is dead wherly dead this may not happen aigain. Ponder, Ditto you go with me Selvin you stay here by the lady’s and Solo oké Selvin sayd. A diffuclt task for Selvin Kitty-Kitty knew that and Solo too. The ather lady’s walkted as a gard of the coust sould be free. Spanno,Ponder and Ditto go for look where Brindell the last time wash seen Ditto remmber a place where Brindell has seen after the fight with Spanno there they walkd to the live of Brindell wash not overthere. We must look further a way says Spanno the three cat’s looked evry bush on, in wherly from diffrent side’s no enywhere to see. Ditto lookt up and show Brindell’s live he sayd to Spanno, look overthere Spanno and Ponder looked up and they walkt to what look’s like Brindell’s live they came on the place blood evry where Brindell lay down still nothing happend, Spanno lookt Brindell in his eys they where open (a cat died always with open eay’s) he listen to his heart it wash still listen so long that Spanno will sure that Brindell is died, ask Ditto to get to Spreker and bring him to this place where we Brindell find so Ditto go on his way and he game into the Quorum, walkt to Spreker and sayd where they have Brindell found. Spreker go with Ditto to the place where he is found so Spreker listen to the heart and lookt the eay’s evrywhere he looked so he looked to Solo. Spanno and Ponder wayt that have i did to Spanno than you don’t get my Spanno sorry Spreker, Spreker put his right feet on the body and give a short hart up and down from the right to left sight, Brindell whas whery died.


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