Writting Challenge

I have a nasty dream, a vieuw months later i dream the same dream again. But when i would stand up i sohw not my husband near me, where wash i, i asket myself i had nothigh. I tought i have dream this and the dream come’s true stranghs. A world where nothing wash i wash always where ever i lookt the lights follow me they came from upstairs high of the mountain i could not away there entanglement i walkt to there but on pole’s are downstairs are also light’s there wash nothigh at all no word no ather noise no wherly nothingh. When i would looking for a sleepingplace of sort of that, shine a stainghts light verry strong in my eay’s so strong that i sow nothing at all, enymore. It look of the light’s would saying don’t move this is a command. But i heart no voice no speaker no nothing. The only that i did wash, i wrote with big and great leter’s where can i find somtingh to eat and littel bit for a drink. Aigan nothing i stand up and go for a walk even look for a sleepingplace and hopfely some drink and eat. What me in this straings world ather’s go than i thout or head suspect, but i have to surrvaille i must, but i gould not away evrywere the light follewd me and the entanglement wash still there it look’s that i travled back howe the world begon or seems like it forword how the planet is when i am the only one who live’s. What i not know wash that wash they ather side where butiful light’s where they make even butiful music. And music is noise. But i found my food and my drink also a littel dry sleepingplace than you are a happy humenbeen.


Mijn blogs zijn bedoeld voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar. Er kunnen namelijk wat schokkende verhalen tussen zitten. Maar ik heb nog een vraag ik zoek nog steeds een sponsor die mij wil helpen om deze blogs te kunnen uitgeven (autobiografisch) in een boek, graag een reactie?Geef een reactie

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