Class Writing by Mister tmasgrave

Mister tmastgrave has a intressting dedication for me, he askt me to write about a Philosophical Story Challenge of the Week. Who wash first the God those where are or a ather one. I know tree God’s Boedism, Jezus, or (God) mabey the same person and the Islam (Mohamed). The Islam i knew that disloyal lapsed the bible so as i know. The Katholic bible the Katholic’s where a not wherly humenbeen’s the are the same exactly the same, but a vieuw hondred years ago. We know King Richard the III he wash mean and here into the Netherlands weve last from King Filp II both are fanatic evrybody must be Katholic no good own then worse. It’s the same with IS but itno a diffrent time now are better wapens then are in that thime. So i think about the diffrent worlds, also i have read about the Great Socrates evry question he give’s a wy question if this if that so many problems that they could not untherstood Socrates and the comprimis wash born afther many head discussions. A verry interresting man they cold him the wyman, but also a wise man. Who wash Socrates what did he, where lived he. Greece has many off them graet Philosofers. Whe know Greece also about the Mythe’s from Zeus and last but no least Homerus and ‘Odyssee’ but this heart at home of the Saga from Greece. Zeus wash a God who where more a God?. If you do know than i knowe’t to. But the whrele God do they exict or not who is the whreel one. The god that i know has sayd Eef that apple who are on that tree  you may not eat that and Adam also not he wash littel but when he wash grow it look’s like a fantastic apple. Eef took him from the tree and began to eat from the apple. That wash wrong verry wrong just when Adam eat also a curse wash be born. They must bee leave the paradise. Nobody know what the curse wash if you good looking in bible’s or ather book’s then you know it quickly. The paradise should be ended with wather and fire so muth that the earth shall be died. Never on the world they belief this and wy how many vulkanos are burn even on the (butiful) Galapagos where only life animails what can animals can do wrong nothing like me (they live i n peace) howmany rivers have more wather than normal. I’am so sorry i think that this is the beginning of the curse. When God has spoken until Eef and Adam brought the apple as some food. But wy so a hard curse i can’t understand that, because the world wash wrong at that time, at the moment that Jezus get crussifixen i think the curse where cruel more than God has meand like’s me. It seems that on this cruel moments are differend worldwar are fight out and some long worldwar has fight out 80 years, well than is 5 years nothing nothing at all but maybee the cruelty of all. But of it fanatic  people are in what they belief yes i have not thik about it you can see it and when you on scool must learn about the 80 years war between France, Spain again the Netherlands and before that we have King Richard III all over the world he has fight it must bee a nightmere for the people, if we have this learn on scool then we knew that and we see what IS is doing that is exactly the same as in the 14e century. And we have no written about the Egypt with there God’s they have so many God’s i can tell them enymore, but Egypt have also the Islam (Mohamed) it come’s from the katholic bibl they would it ather wise so far so good but now is it war they are fanatic they will them will bring over to us i say what i think or they glad or not it don’t intrest me freedom for oure own thought and speaking, if you are afraid well than you maybee better if you not whrely spaek what you think or thought’s i’am not afraid it is a differend war pitty that my parents not enymore live they could tell me how they did it when the second worldwar wash going on mysterious and in mystery they the thinghs get. How differend it wash but they where also fanatic enough people they dond’t give up where they stand for. They where not afraid so i’am, i’am to so as my parents. They still believe in they are validate and theire argument they have learn from his parents. So both of them has a figt but give not up when you are not afraid then you became far they had trubbles in second world war but my mother wash 80 when she died and my father 86 years old so you have a lot to tell too youre children what they did. And you can learn from that, you ask me of this the endless of ouwer time with all the heretic it is the beginning from the endless of the planet the nature shall do the rest of it fire think about vulkanos oceans and rivers we may not forget the earthshock’s evrywerhe in all diffrent countries. It is time for a good economic basic rich shall be richer and poor shall be verry poor. That is the wherly problem evrybody must be same or equal to eathsather it look like comunism evrybody have the same salary and work even hard no differend’s enymore, wapens are for the army not for the IS or ather same thinking as IS that must be forbidden, but the fundamentally is extemly believe in there God, God sayd never pick up youre wapens they are fanatic. Aristotle etc. can say accepted than he is wrong it is just the beginning of the end.


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