A forgotten Kingdom

The first year my husband and i went to Tenefrife, a Island that belongs to Spain. Portugal and Spain has many war about the Island – Groep fight out. We where there two time’s but it wash not so as we have expectect. Then we know it not enymore so we stab blindly on the map. It wash Cran Ganaria (with the ferry a half ouer from Mauretanië). The place where Playa del lés Inglés. Butiful time we have the boys they served you eat, they ask to you will you go with us just even for a ouer to the pub a friendship was born. This year we went to Gran Canaria we know in the in the beginning nothing about this Island and his strainge speaking of the Spainsh languaitsh tenacious they speaking theire tenacious they knew who there King wash later about this more. Because we know nothing we buy a book we can read this at home before we go. Thuring that your reading that book (the only own that over here wash in the Netherlands you make a toure during the time that you are reading abbove that Island. It is a verry intresting Island, and we are look forward to again to Playa del lés Inglés that is completly in the South of the Island. It wash a littel village it’s now a big town with three hospitals before just own docter that wash all for a littel village it wash normaly it wash a house – dockter practich not enymore, abouve he has his life (house). And now theire is verry good innovate in Playa her name is different evrybody sayd Playa. And  the flowers, tree’s and the ather fauna. But if you make a helicopter flight abouve the landscape, than you see poor people, but they will never let see you. And mounty’s so butiful an d also uggly. The see with theire windsurfing, hotels supermarkt and ather shopping – buildings. It is so diffrend Island Gran Canaria but it sespect me evry time again evry time theire is some wheire else now they have satting appartments they are verry buzzy with theire innovation. It’s a intresting Island my suspect’s are high at the moment. Well we shall see 4 september i go to Playa del lés Inglés, de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria so is it officialy now. Not from this year, but it seems three years ago. We shall see. I coming back at 17 september the 18e we are at home (we’ve a nightflight) as ussuly. But that it a Kingdom wash is for sure many books of theire reed a father has two boys (a twins) when the father died, he has told on a paper that the oldest of the twin’s shoud be King from of the North and the youngest of the twin’s the South in the Middle wash the Gard so aswell from South as the North. Evrithing go in a good harmony until Spain come’s it is a uggluy ending.


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