A Letter

sweetdreams achtergrondWhen i see people the Alpe DuZes be klimmed for a good target so as cancer i can not helped i want look at that, i know you can be died on cancer but there are so many ather illnis or handicaps sick it is not only cancer there are more where you get on die. And that is not verry funny. I will the Mont Ventoux do for people the have Epileptic believe or not but you can die on it. I have many friends lose they  head epileptic and how young they are they died many frinds has not been the age of 50 years old maybee on person that i know. And that is than not a good target i sayd gome on let’s do it we go the Mont Ventoux up walking or with the biceclet if have enfough eat and drink for the energy then we come all of us on top of the Mont Ventoux theire is also the place that Simpson get died he died because he used dope. And a epileptic pacient must take on time many medication and so what sports is good if there is sombody with you only the sponsers i must have. I can helped but i can think and think but who will do that at the moment i hope that i get a rection from a newspaper i tell them evryting wy i this will do. I shall tell you i coud or must bee alredy 3 times dead, i have Epileptic you understand i can only hope it, but i stil a live and i’am a layer too i have hart studied on the highscool (univursity) i have my papers. And i thank God that i’am still alive wath i have is you can not see it but it is evrry day with you, you know never when you have a atack. Do you come back by the world or not anymore that is the danger, the danger were you evry day must live. For better material and the cost for better material is a lot for need. I hope whrely that ather people this would or can sayd i sent it to some one who i know that i know they have connection’s in the sponsor world. I hope that own’s in my’ne livetime to do that is my good target. Nobody knows howe many people this have and get died on it. It is to muths to give a cipher about that arts (docters) can that also not. So theire must bee people enough for we are fighting. A better materials and also enough cost for to can buy it. What is is written is my seriously it is a part of my life.


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