For two weeks working on a Firm

Own time i go help by a firm in a district of Brabant (Netherlants). I thout nothing about that but my two nephew’s, we enjoy us from the first day. The farmer sayd you three can also help, he let us see the steel or the stable of the pig, she wash expectation some littel owns. The day before we have getting milk from a view cow’s we must do that with the enarbeld just oldfeshend way. It’s verry intensif work. When they time go’s up i go whit a view milk to the farmer’s wife she cookt all of the bacterium – she let me drink  from the milk so, diffrend when you buy it in a bottel by a supermarket. From the supermarket that’s no milk, milk with a lot of wather and some own else what not good is for a humenbeen, than you can better drink tea and tea is good for you healthy. So milk right from the cow is pritty good.My two nephew’s are still buzzy with the cow’s ten minets after me they come in with there milk. Any way we wheire in the middle of knowwhere you can say nobody’s cauntry. All orchand all tree’s so far you can see, but Mikel and Steven and I enjoy evry day. The same night exactly at midnight we wheire waked up, we must inmadiatly we must in 5 minets the farmer help because the pig get her children so we come to help they are more then the docter and the farmer thout. So evry littel pig that came we pickt up make their dry and clean with strew and  we go on until she or he screamt, than we give it to the farmer. After twelf new pig’s whe have wonderful get it in life hold own wash nearly dead but with hard work and muth make heating the new own wash still a live. We weire tired it wash 6 o’clock in morning we go back to ouwer bed we slept two ouwers at 8 o’clock i and my nephew’s came breakfast. After the breakfast i did evrything slowly i wash tired my two nephew’s where still outside to look for what they have to do. I go to the donkey he wash theire a view days alone the farmers wife sayd becarful he is not to betrai, he can bite you, fine that i know that. But i go to the donky i touch him he stay quiet and looket me i touch him evry where bus not his ass. So the donkey did me nothing the farmer heard that from his wife she sow it that he did nothing at all he lookted me i sow a view tiers it look like he wash crying, and so i sow it this he had need some one they will give some affaction. I talkt to the donkey and he talkt back with his eys they where verry sad i knew what’s going hapend no trust in his distress what him to wait for. We workt just own week by the farmer, the farmer sayd that he us for two week’s as staigere and we wheire with ouwere 3 theire are 2 boys and 1 girl we’ve oure diplom or certification. But by the evening – mail i talkt about the donkey he has need afaction and talkt to the donkey he do nothing if you afraid for you own donkey then he will the boss about you. If you not be afraid and give him some eat and drink what attantion evry day then gome’s evryting good. It wash oure last night the two weeks are over i had whirly, will stay overtheire. A view month later i ask the thelephonnuber of the farmer to my parents wy they ask i want to know of the donkey is still alive. My mother go to the telephone and has the farmer also from the ather side she tell my story say he is still alive i would speak him self oké but short i ask of the donkey wash still alive he sayd we did what you have told here he is not mean, he is still alive, i’am happy verry happy.


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