Declaration of Human Rights

travel_4 The answer is not easy, but if the person who has car problems and he is mony to his own family quilty then is the problem by the person who has fixed his car problems. But the ather person who has given him a loan he has it problem where are my money i have to pay two month house – rent. So they have bouth a problem so if you has told. From this point i shoud work to the solvable to writte evritingh put on paper in good time and when own of the two make or hase difficultys (problems whith his work) enithg else all what you on youre hart have, you can better put on paper. And bouth of the two have the same paper, (just a copy) the original is by the licence – holder (for public also to go). That person reed it with both person’s to reed and give it a stamp and his sign for originallity two copy’s he make and there both persons sign the bouth papers if you have dawn then you bouth pay the licence – holder, so you can go. If theire diffeculty’s you must go to the licence – holder he have a lot of ather function’s (so he can help you to a solution). And then we come still by the Humen Rights. So what you have early in you Philosophical Story Challenge of the Week. Who has the right a ather to kill with no morally or any ather sense if we go believe in that than we have also or we lost ouwer morallaty so then we are the same as the b.v. IS. They are ondissiscusebale for me with pschicolochic or Philosophic theoriën that we have but pleace own thing is missing. Human – beings live  are Freedom Education? Property? Internet Access and now the point i’am missing no discrimination of you have a handicap or not a humenbeen is from flesch and blood colour of skin also not be discrimination. Tose things i’am missing in the UN those last three are whreely not told by the UN i have many rightbook reed about it. And if we go back to the right’s of the two gentelman own with a carproblem and own with a new house problem bouth can go to licence – holder we’ve problems he make a appoitment with you maybee the same day that you have cald 5 o’clock i can see you than. You go home for freshing up good close and you may not forget youre declaration with sign and stamp. That is step own that you can do the ather is you go talk with the ather person. Do you have two month mony for me, it must be two weeks on my bankaccount what’s happend go you have buzzy with youre cars? If the do answer or sayd i have no problems then the person is wrong busy the right on work and not to be discriminated so the ather person must be good on his words for look out how he sayd somthing, but how go you somting say aigainst a person that is not correct a answer. The ather person can ask wy you asking me that, then you have quickly a discusion at yes not the is that own you go bouth look for a solusion is’t there then you can hope that the licence – holder has a solusion, but bouth must be agree to call him and also bouth have to come. Those man know how to speake (they have learnd for it) and they do nobody heart. Oké they hold his word and come bough to the licence – holder his office he is waiting for you two. And have done any for – work he know from the problems own have not so muth cars to do and theire materials are not verry specialy he have to buy more but he is broken financial broken. The athere own will be go to a bigger house but he has need the loand mony to from the person he has loand two month for rent he has to pay if he don’t get his loand mony theire bouth financial broken up. Thus it’s possible that they have to live under the brigthe, but information by youre licence – holder may avry time (by us to the Netherlands) theire are country’s wheire this also can, if you have a appoitment. He can warn you for more diffeculty’s he come’s whith advys what you can do what is the best thing for bough he can ask how muth are is the cost of the materials he can proberbly help nothing is sure. The most of te time he make a new declaration for bouth persons (again a copy) the original is by him. From week to week he will hear from those persons how it get and what the have done frome the list. Own’s a month come sombody look how it go forward with the financial problems he go for look it’s easyer or wors they talkt with you and after the curtain they do a lot for you only you are buzzy with youre problems. You do not know that you triedet you best to do and not broken up further awaiy the ather have the same problem has must for two month rent pay for a new house. Then you found a letter if you can come to the licence – holder you do that, you are suprised that the ather person also theire is. You ask do you have a letter from him, yes look he take it from his inside of the jacked what he has on. They go speakend inside and say we wheire expectet. The solusion is near. The licence – holder ask how do you live in youre home good but a littele bit smal, for two persons it’s enough i do not know, but we know. You sale youre house go live with him financial you bouth not broken up. All the problems are gone.


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