I saw lava.

When i wahs on Tenerife, i wash for the first time that i saw a black beach. We go ask how that wash comming the answer wash long, that a priest has stoptet the lava he prayd and hold it with his hands back. The people that live in the nearly village they praid with them ather where gone for the heat fire and the daeth. The village wash nearly broken up by lava, they are now mounty’s. The people there live’s woun’d not walk about the beach, the cald them black gold they are afraid that the vulkano shall be angry and do it again. If you walkt on that black beach (alsoo you are a tourist) then they cald somting come of that beach ather’s we’ve fire out of the mountains. You have a littele bit to respected the country where you are, the beache is horrebole.


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