In What Time go We Life.

I have reed a bit of Hachette for me is he a great master in discribe the history when we´ve a Balkanwar that whas the first time in 1912. The Turkisch people can not longer and what now peacefol demenstraion´s are they stand up and take them escutcheon and sable and they did what, Boko Haram and IS do now it is´t oldfeshend. They do still the same they have sable`s and wapens. What can we control not muth whreely i mean the moon is the moon to control no the sun is´t to control and many things under the seebottem not, but there live´s uggly fische´s so uggly that you must a name for it, and you do not know how many oceans there are you can not control that it is to dancher for a humanbeen but the war´s are still beginning in the east of the world. So i come than back to Hachette. I want not a discusion about with book is the best we´ve all good books they we´ve reed about it. But how is ouhwer life time. Whe lived now in 2015 but with sens no you can take to stainged people to Syria i must go training and fight and `wy`. It wahsent any Khalifaat and wy not because ´i have can check that` but i well have read is that it own great Osmanians `Kingdom` whas and they have connections whit ather country´s, Russia, Francia and the youg revolution`s from Turkey. This is solemnizer on the Great Osminan rights, but the Emperar of Austria`Ostenrich`. Because that Osmenian right whas a Sultanian and not a Khalifaat so as IS and Boko Haram say´s they must read books too. Do we have about maybe 10 or 50 years maybe earlyer a Koran and have we all of us a gun in ouer hands. I think it not, theire are always people they will fight for theire own freedom and maybe for ather people too, but you shall bee selective. So selective that you know who you can trust or not. And shall we later on no any Kingdom´s have any more Great Brittan, Netherlands, Belgium and a vieuw Sultan´s. They are rich because they have oil Russia is not the only own Norwaigen too. And that´s a Kingdom too and why is a Kingdom bad. Ather people like´s Presedent a lot better me not, well i know that the King who we have like´s a lot of modren things a tablet a computer evrithing go on that way he think eco. Great Britain is verry good whit this electronic, they are on head of all the Kingdom´s. So i begin by Hachette who has wrote about the first clach between the Young Turky´s and Russia and Francia. Can we have the same Irak, Russia and Greece poor country´s and poor country´s are dangerous Greece life under dictator Europe, Russia has Poetin and Irak have Morsi they are killing for the humenbeen that they live theire, and we have not spoke about North Korea, China and Japan. If only this is what we have no house no path to ride or to walk over than we have too fight for oure country, you will live, i will life i let my not distroy by supposten from IS and Boko Haram. Yes there are all of them brainwashed, but you have to know the triks to escapape from them i have some time a gun to my head i´ am not afraid about that. Look if i looked to a reporter who has with a lot of paperwork come in, in North Korea she would in a park some people intervieuwen the tolk sayd not here you can talk with a unknown camera a hidden camera she asked some tings and they speak in free and normal how the tings go and of they leader good for them is. Yes we have a good leader. People dare nothing to say even as Russia. But Kim Young Il is the worst own  thing what you say and you can come for the judce you know that you are go to death `they know that she get the deathpenelty` and even if they have a belief than it Budism. A ather think do you belief in reincarnation i belief evry body has times before lived, but who am i, i can belief in that at seems that is possible that i lived in 1564 century the most tink in youre dreams no i have always a view moments a square a big lane and a castle and a marriage in that time the parents make out with who you married. And that is also not good for any people you make youre choice by youre self. Even in what you will belief in reincarnation, Budism,Allah or even in God and his son that the death on his cruisifixion. Shall God curse than come out the Earth shall go to death with and on Fire and Wather. And what does he mean presaicly whas it so urgent and what i understood is the day that Moses whas into the gaf for the 10 restriction´s where we on must hold, that play in what now Palestine is Hebryen that is also the languiqche. And theire they have make a own God, God are angry and spoke a terrebole curse out. And what for the first time happend in 1912 that the Yong Turky, Russia and France. Russia can come in into the Balkan so you have a war with Austria Hongry, Servia and a part Italy  belongs to Austria France take Marrok and so theire go further to the East. When evry Emper of Austria are gone on flight of those Grazy army first Balkan war cold Hachette it, it was a Grazy war in a not well economic time. And now we have again a not well economic time so it is not rearly that some people taken to the wapens, but it whas and is not nessery. This can be boring but it is whreel happend but we go further a way look war is coming out of what sombody belief´s if you not believ what the authoriity than are you wrong so you belief in silince you let you not see. Thus what IS is doing is new they let see video´s from only head´s. Who knows about the first Balkanwar it is been written and the story is first reachert by Hachette and a lot of ather scholarly so why shall i discus about this.


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