When My Youngest Brother Died.

When we have my Youngest brother died, we  have cremated him so as he wish. When i´am in his livingplace, two days ago. I wash shokked he came to has girlfriend and laught at me my husband saw it to he wash shokced too. He walkt as a boy they has nothing to lose just right so right he has never walkt he laught and with his head he sayd no you have the wrong own be cremated. What wash happend, my husband and i spoke a vieuw days about it, but evryonw say´s it is youre Yougest Brother. So i have ane expiriance with my father the day he died he was exectly at midnith in my bedroom and stand near me, he make me awake i look who that wash i wash not shokced that moment i know we´ve bespoken this. I ask him `i´am good buzzy, yes you are whreely yes my Great Flikflack that wash a name he gived from my yeugh, teanager and later he cold me so. I knew it wash my father glad to hear that. I slept ather day i looket but no father. He wash real death, but my Brother i do not know maybe he is still going strong. My father belief´s in the Univers my mother to. And on with`s planet are they live both on theym own planet my mother wash a taurus and my father wash a sachitarius. But where do they life on the planet belong to sagitarius and my mother on the planet taurus then they not to eytshather that is worse for them. Then i will see, maybe it´s late in the evening with´s planet they life i will two planets see even more, you know my brother is living apart from his parents he life´s on a ather planet he is somting else from stern where he under is born. And what do they for faith have on those three planet´s. In a faith that they are be born who and what for rules thare are who make that i would they could tell me that but, that theire are ather live is outside ouwer Aerth they have seen on the planet Mars. And how do they are looking at the moment as people so looke like dr. Spock, or worse hopfely not. And shall there be wather, oxion, mounty´s etc. the only work what they have to do is 24 our awake youre children of they do good, anyway i have own time somthing heart about my father futher nothing. What kind of love do they have or is that over. And who are the leader´s Mars and Pluto i think my father come´s from Pluto and my mother from Mars. On Mars there are rivers whit a lot of whater and Pluto make´s himself warm you can see that as a ecoplanet. And send the planet the people to the Aerth. That thare are demons i know it, if the demons are angry the river on Pluto has no whater any more. People who has learnd for it has this written. Venus  has Zeus as God and leader Mars has a Haf God the son of Zeus with his fling horse. And Pluto is the darkness so you come from hel you go to hel you go to Pluto. That Alien race exist yes will belief that but of i can be sure no, but i saw a reporter in Chily theire are standing, the biggist telescope on the world and theiry, nearly is a valley in that valley stop´s UFO´s to come for observetion us and go with a great speed further maybe back home. How they look like so as i have seen in a film we never know it theire shall be a faith a faith what we call as they belief in the univers. That there are mounty´s yes that´s alsoo true and that theire whas fire is correctly, but the vulkeno´s are still. And wy must they 24 ours a day wake about us ather wise we do not normally functional.If you don´t know the univers has inflouent´s on the Humen so i like to go to Venus Zeus is Powerfull, but Pluto too. And the day 6-9-2006 macabre so as it wash he whas stand near me my father, and wake me up and that i saw. My brother 2 days later that he wash cremated i wash shockt about that i dare not to go to the village where he live´s. And the most of all is that he is still alive we have a boy cremated a look a like of my brother but own thing is for sure his papers where checkt, indentification whas correctly and his girlfriend checkt him and looket him and saw him and indentefyt him as her friend, and that the name correctly whas, but he whas frosen by 12 the greath under zero than i whas shoct but in could a scelet is the most of the time good and correct, it´s rear is my brother stand up from the death, my own  parents has give a curse about him. And i knew that ather half must i also go back to the Aerth ownly if my task is heard to heard to dear for me and have i not a normally death wy do it so that good not be. And is´t it fiction, the univers or is it whreel, what shout i, i know what i have to know and that like me the best of all.


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