Who Is The Philosopher King?

Whas Soocrates the King of the Philosopher King? And where has he his ambitions? Where are mine ambitions? And where are mine responsibility, i can say yes for a long time but i shall never some – body to trie a meal what i know he like’s it, but if he put a way his meal how ill he is (sick) then i sayd drink some wather that’s the best you can do eat is not nessery but wather just more. In a diffecult situation i can handle better than in a easy situation, i tried to hard think how do we lose this up. I see not that it is easy, i look always diffeculty. I have once time two weeks not sleep day in day out. 72 ouwers without eat any meal and any time to drink. Thats long to it washent not a expiriance from my self but by Hospital.I wash so tiered that i could any way not sleep you till your self about the fatigued, and youre fatigued are cone. And that found i verry terrible i would like to sleep but it goes not. The eat and the drink are verry diffecult you may nothing have and wy they wouldent tell me. And i ask. When a starving man have this problem, if he wouldent go to eat and i wil give him somthing to eat and he give’s it back i know he wouden’t eat so i give him nothing alone drink wather, is good there can a humen – been long with live and when he giv’s back when the dockter is see’ ing that it’s over until he ask for eat we must try. You can have a great conflict with those people. Tree weeks he has nothing eat. The day before he would spoke his family and the childeren they where always with him. He spoke softly but you can understand him “we see eatchather tomorrow but on a diffrent way i’am sure about that” “i think that too” he closed his eys and go for a long sleep for always he hope. His wish wash curtenly come out. That wash rearly for some people not for some persons. Yes you shocket but you know we sayd it yesterday. Self i leay me responsibillity high ather people sayd to high and i say wy i see that not so. If i will repose than i can do on selfhypnoses maybe rearly to you it’s not strainge for me, i can escape from mine pressure so who i self get high and only higher. On evry point i put the jath higher and higher. After that corner is a ather corner so i think and my husband ask also his attention so i tried that also to do. The life that i lived is verry implicated, or diffeculty so what name that you will give. But now we go back to when say a women no evry time again when she is once a pallet time be rapet nobody as wimen has this, no body like this, it can a man also happend you say also no. Thats a line for me and when a man shall be agresif to me, you like also not a agresif women than it is over, i’am verry hard in cuth things. A great responsibility is to take youre medidication daily to use. You may not forgot them. A responsibility is to have euro’s to buy youre eat, and pay youre bills. And the fourth is to such for my husband. And for the ather things not i can go my own, and what i do is futher for me (i tell just about to mine husband, furrther nothing else) There are persons they will a sick man and is going dieing if they have trie he say no an ather time he will, but they do tried not again they put it away from him. And that found i rearly when i such things say for the first time. But the world is on the moment rearly. And we have all of us respnsibility’s in ouwer work whithout to say what we are doing thuswe have on ouwer work to respect all and not to hate that it so far must come that ather people say i stap up. If you know that you can do that, and you know that you have money without work then you are a lot futher you heard from the arts, dockter a propsel what you can waiht for ( if he sayd not in Latin). I have give three points where i draw my line the ather thing’s are to be spoken speak if it is need. Not a agresif man and not to be a man they do be rape you and lockted me never up and do not anymore dicriminate (with some boys on social media do), (i have epiliptic) and so wat) i can normally functionel i’am a layer but on my American Englisch is that not to see, that is what i’am put higher for myself and i shall that always do. And i shall not be a Socrates or a ather great Philosopher i will a human  always help theire is nothing more than i can do. And i shall stay for the beginning from a respectobol live noting more. Nobody has to be taken my own four rules whit’s i not will to work on that, that is and stay’s as no and no is no. Theyn  i have theire no discussion about it so hold it for you own goodsake good and i do that to. Respect is a great thing and that is think  for evryown. And i like this ending with poetery hophely stand there any wise words in. I miss you where ik go, or where i go back, the urly of the mornig, the days a round, and the evening’s just more. I hope that it make’s clear where i’am stand for.


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