You Go Evry Sunday To The Church?

I slept on sunday verry long i was tiered but, if i go to the church then i see only empty chairs, i found that alwas rearly God’s home must be open for evrybody but not is like the true, God’s home is more closed than open. If i stop’s by the church than is it not on sunday but a day in the week. I like to trie a discussion to begin wat whas first whas it the big – bang theory and the rivers are coming or the plants, plants had need wather too. Or Budism and than God who offerd his son Jezus the last whas Allah and his profeth Mohamed. When i have seen the miss from the church i begon to think about it in the evening i have vissit so i had a taf day my husband has then a exadantly he feld and came not good and can difficulty to stand up you think o boy look maybe he has some think broken but lucky he does’t some think broken i whas happy. And than i make my dinner for in the evening (19.00 ours Netherlants time) and it shall be quick dark so i would be ready witih evry tink. And so goes my sunday he is nearly over. If you have heard about Maria the Charitable let see you respect if you read what is written on place near her outstanding and read the jeal where evryting on is written not soft hard and slowly look at youre candle who is burning a bouw as respect and you thanks. And than you can walk a way.


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