The Beginning Of Live.

In the beginning of Live i see a lot of wather, mounty’s, on the left side i see a great watherfal and far, far a way also a lot of mounty’s. Also i see a stick of what maybe we named now a tree, with slush. It look like of of you put me on a ather planet. Dark and is in the beginning of her Live. I see only a carapace who walkt on two legs and have a wapen in his right klow. The background is fasinating where wather is there are also on the left side high abouve the great watherfal a tree on the ride side there i see a stick with a lot of slush. And i see when i’am my good concentreet between the fog and the noise’s of the watherfalles and the tree’s sent me a lot of slush into my fache. I don’t like the slush, after all i ask by my self with planet is this it look like the beginning of a new live on a ather planet. I’am still standing where the wather ending, i must so good look and the mounty’s are so class and came powerfull by me there came not a end of left mounty. Between the fog and all of those noise’s i saw far, far away a the most mounty that you can not see where the climax of the mounty shall be endit. Probebly you can think how old and how long the mounty there is standing, but between you will do that you can’t diffecult see the fog is standing in youre way. And the noise of the watherfals curtenly from the left site make’s the most noise. That watherfal was deffently most high than the watherfal on the right side. And the raerly of all was that the carapace to me came he has somthing new a chain on his neck. and he cames still to me. He walkt about the slush fom the mounty’s he came from how whas that possible in a vieuw minute’s he walkt a distance from New York to Vegas, For sure it whas a longer distance biut you think a littel bit in what’s possible. The carapace do not dissturp him self on all that noise and than whas or came a littel wind that make’s the noise from the tree’s and the watherfall’s any hearder so i could not good see the fog where also bigger and i see nearly not anymore the highest mounty that there whas. And there are so many mounty’s it whas butiful to see that atherwise i think with planet i’am? How many fish lifed there in the watherfal’s and the river also look like a casting – mould that coming wather from bottom to upstairs and it still burle. The sky whas butiful but where i whas, i like the rough nature, i could mine mind do painful to think, and still think where i’am. But i give my eys a look as a Great Bird spider – eye’s and those spider – eye’s i give them attention also to the carapace. On evrythink what i can see i would see and i saw the fingers in the high so i know he came ( the carapace) in freedom he would do me nothing, he came from far verry far the last mounty that you can see is fom a ather country looks like me. The disstance i shall never know but i came no easyer to my rest. It whas good so there whas peace and a butifull nature. Own think whas strainge the carapace has a orange jacked on i have never seen that before. Do we on the Earth walkt forward or backward and is there some ather live out ouwer planet i beginning to believe fom yes, ather – wise i see than not tree’s mounty’s and watherfals. And i standing where it is possible to standing and to wait for the carapace with cain around his neck and a orange jacked on. He came’s out of the wather, wash i sent to that, no named planet there whas some – body they live how wash it possible. The wind an fog goes harder and make more and more noise. How cold shoud be the whater, i self don’t walkt into to wather, should be heath or verry cold and aigain i have some slush in my face, but i whas my suspect’s are high wy i do not know this whas new for my and i like’d that i’am sent to a ather planet where the life whas beginning after all i have verry enyoj it theire came’s a lot from plesure in me littel heart.


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