When I Whas A little Girl.

When i wash always suprised my mother, i wash verry young and i can walkt, no ather child wash so quick as i did, but when you are little then you can not remember it. Ony from story’s who my are told in the beginning when i’am a teanager. So i wash suprised to that how it wash possible that only i’am the quick own of the ather child’s. I have a hole life fore me and without any soro’s on my neck. But nothing is wheerly true. The problems game quick just when i wash 4 years old my parents saw it with my 5 year, not far a way from my six age. But that is’t the true they saw two years nothing. It look like of i felt in a darkness and fall to pieces, and i have always the question why me. So later on with relationship’s they are verry diffecult. After this diffecult time the sun come to me and my husband tried to ask me to marriage with him, after all we have a lot of years between first living appart to getter, and than we go live to eaths ather day by day it go’s well i’am happy it’s a man who is honestly, great heart to ather people and also to me. I do not know how he has the ticket, he have it but i don’t where. I’ am supriset and have not suspect that my olther brother say you two may first, and than i do. When i wash asket i beginning to think what go be ather wise for a women you can get children, how must it be with youre work, wath dosen’t he suspect from you and what not. I must talk about it and think about it. I wash diffecult 3 month i sayd no i get 1 last chance and i have talk about with some owne else verry muth’s, unless i sayd yes when i wash satisfyt about my futere. It wash good so. When we are beginning to enragement for the show so as we would have in ouwer mind’s than we go to put down everithing on paper and wath we have on paper nobody may no that it was ouer day, not from a ather we should everiting regular. But we are also a little bit stressing a year before we should married about a littele town, the mayor would sent us to a more little town, you can than speak about a little village, 3 house’s a chursh a house of the Mayor and a little café with a bar, no my a.s. husband says no i life here (Goes Netherlants) and i shall be married here, discussion closed Jim would not a word make of dirty (grimmy). When we have evrything in ouwer own hand and the day came’s near we enjoy evry moment and i wash  my black moments are cone i’am still living in (Goes Netherlants) with my Jim who so long has waited on my word yes. On Mayor – house where evryting happend spoke in mine mind No i do it not and evrybody heard me sayd Yes i do. Jim enjoy me to i have a hole year enjoy’d about this marry’t but we have a ather safe there is also evryting save he and me, if Jim saw no in mine ey’s he sayd softly you don’t do it you stand here know you say normaly yes. And no goes more and more between mine mind, i’am not afraid so my thouth go verry quickly and it wash for me the best boyfrind i ever head, so i say Yes i do. And we are 23 years together in sickness and healh untill the death us from toghether depart.


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