The Nightmare (Gramma 2)

The shadow look as the nightmare, i have this 2 days, the night from wednesday on thurday then i have not enymore the same nightmare as 54 years ago. But i still ask me who can this explane too me. A medium, no it like’s me not for a certificatet hypnotist. And why i do not know, but those people can back with you when you are born, you have a good own and normaly you can nothing remember it, what you have done. So it shall be the time that i live bee a secret for me and for Jim, he wash awake too he must make me quiet that i can go to sleep. Any way i talkt and say only i can’t remember it the look’s of his eys say enough, but the last night i have no dream. I came happy out of mine bed, i thout my spirit is clean at the moment. I lived in a darknes how that came i couldent tell you. But it whas also the day that John me has asket to come to his office i had sayd yes i’am coming on normal time he like’t that. He wash verry buzy with his work and somtime’s he had some advice need from me juridical problems he know’s i have me certifications to begin a own office. But i like this to. You have someown where you can too speak with and come to a nuisance so that we know how we have to work, with part do i with part do you. That is important i can say, than you bouth know  who what work’s. I check the juridical problem and make John theire in wise, what can and what not can. No i like that, i have a new agree when i go home for a peace to eat. Finally my spirit is free from the darknes, the darknes is after me and i can do the thing’s i like and working with John. For to work we are a good copple we talkt about the thing’s and handle theire after. I’am happy with this job and when i have free i do my blogs. I like this i can a lot of learn from this, you spirit is then always in movments that is good then you shall not quick to have a ilnis (sick) on youre mind – spirit. No it is good so i’am happy so as it goes. And Jim is happy to at the moment, so evrybody is than happy about here.


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