A Hospital

In this newsletter have 3 points for you spirit.

Medication safty

For the people would come to the Country Partnerday

Crouwdfunding for the epilepticfund

Go safty with youre medication. Muths people brought to (muths) different medication. The expiriance learns us that not evrybody always a good can tell what take in and what the doses is. At the same time is the patiënt oftly the only own they can tell of his pas from a dockter, chemisist correct and actuallety are. A actuallety and complete rapport is crucialty for a safty medication and a good and quick retrement. Patiënt, dockter, chemisist and ather take care have even so muths right on a correct and actuallety pas what evrybody to take in from medication. Chemisist have in thare computer a program. Thay have a medication come’s to take than you can ask from you own medicationpas and they give’s it you. For the patiënt a safty first class when somting happend witth you, the dockters, chemisist and ather take care have a good see with evry information and can a good retretment go start. This campane make’s for the people as a help sort of to control you medication by chemisist to tell and to control for youre self and the chemisist.

Would you by any time that you visit and on consultation come’s for a actuallaty medical pas? Same we are the  make we the take in safty.

At 28 may 2015 is the night from the Epileptic Crouwdfunding Netherlands good charity. A view (40) people are listning to the presentation’s of Neurologist E.W. Peters and epilepticconsulet, W. Westerweele. After the break wash the asking for the public, and rules when you can drive in a car and the livestile with ataque’s in centrale thema’s are.

Informationday Country Partnerday:

3 oct. 2015 at 10.30 oure – 16.00 oure Location: Rovc/TechCenter, Galvanistraat 13 Ede.

This teama’s of those country partnerday is: the spirit and the darknes of it forgotten. In the morning shall be told of interviews this thema’s shall be in the evening workshops and to talkstuf in groope’s. More actuallaty about this follow so soon as possible about the web: www. epilepsievereniging.nl or this newsletter.Mrs Z. Bouman, MSc, providid on (neuropsycoloog – surserist) works on epilepiccenter Kempenhaeghe and the Radboud University.


Last week wash the nationale week for the euro’s for the Epilepticfund, The power of the littel. That mony shall be used for science of knowledge. After the crouwdfundweek, it shall be nice and good, to orientattion for a plan to get mony for the Epilepticcrouwdfund: Two things you can do.

On the site of q-plan.nl you can by diffrent femous webshop’s, shoppen, and you can have x % by lose mony and what you pay you moan the Epilepticfund.

The Q-shopper reketnaist the webshops and take care that you automatcly youre x% short (that goes atomaticly). Give the shop no short? The Q shopper can go surf to ather webshops wheire, you indeed get you short. Normally surf if youu do as always so that you come without thinging the chape’st own.

A ather point is hold on attaq you can found it on the website.

Come in action, do where you good in are and you get mony for the Epilepticfund. It’s simple, orientattion for a dinner with frinds, walk the Dam to Damloop all again for hold attaq or go look on your garret and for sale what you not anymore brouht on a market.

This is a translation from my own language, i hope that i do what the dockter ask from me, i found this is also working for a good charity. And i hope that it shall endless be noticed.  



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