What will Poetin with his new militairy gamble

The NATO sent military attention’s in the mould of ships and new aircraft – planes that the Federale Russian Repablic. Whant he a war or not does’t he all those years put on Greece her jacet?. We can give you a loane too is that the game he is playing, well he (Poetin) can good play bluffpoker but why see’s (Dijselbloem) that not strainge. The true is that, it so is wy see Europe that not. In morning has a correspondent told what he has saw and himself and ather one documents get in theire hands where it in on wrote and day by day it still so do. Is Poetin than from, i want the world have or not and Country’s they beginning financiël problem’s to get he is theire. His vakation – house is also on Greece investment?. It’s one big gambling and wy, he would Poland back Latvia, Estland and Litouwen, the 3 baltic states, Hongry to the DDR all of them he wants back. And the beginning is now at the moment in Oekrayne they where never free from the Russian. In 2005 we go with a cruise on vakation a lot of Oekrayne personal has the Britthish boat Cuba and from Greece. Here is Greece again where did we heard that too, about the Russian yes of course there where Brittish people too a dockter and a ather take care of. (That whas all). That where people who the most one has study’t on the University in the Great-Brittain a ather in Oekraine and from Oekraine the Western World see for the furst time. They workt on that ship and so they payd the state theire study – kost back to evry penny whas back payd then, they go thing about a flightplan and they did that not alone littel gropy’s 4 or 5 persone one gropy. If you somithing would ask to them about the live in Oekrayne they speak in Russian to you that wash rear. You shoudent know it. So as Irak people go, (with boat) to Turkey and from Turkey to Greece (Europe) it’s the beginning from Europe. And evrything go for mony,  nothing else why alwase mony. Poetin is for his farwell smart buzy or somebody else had told him, that shall we never know. Wants he a worldwar the III or is the man stupid Russian have 100 miljard quielty it land USSR exist enymore 100 miljard dollar is a lot of, the Poland, Latvia, Estland and Litouwen (the 3 baltic states) has asket for militray investment from the NATO they are under his way. Russian is broken up, Greece nearly broken up, but as Greece not anymore by Europe rules falls then can Russian army not come in to Europe, DDR is Europe at the moment now. How many underrate Europe Russian army. Here in the Nederlanths whaters as North-See have a marineschip a Russian ship come’s up the see and must them hold for to ask what are you doing here it publised in the newspaper’s as well. Europe must never Europe they mus respect have for the no that we have sayd to new Euopean groundlaw that’s not so different like’s me. Poetin they is quilty to discriminate peopleright’s and payment for Great Events. Also to The International Penaltycort. And let the Country’s in rest please.


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