Wodan, Donar and ather Gods

The farmers they here lived, we named them German. They believe’d in more then 1 God. They lived in it Walhalla, (Univers). The Germans believed that she after there death also go to the Walhalla. If them brave and good are so long as she lived. Important German where some time’s brouth to the cemetery with boot or horse and wapens. On that could the Gods see how important they where. The German came same on holiness place’s in the nature. Overthere they spoke about important busnis and people where be punishid. The German know a lot of free day. With old and new where the winterghosten put away with fire and a lot of noise. A ather free day wash sunnewendday, the return of the sun they are free, but the little village has a lot of tratitians and they where by evry time they are free they lived for that day. In place of we have now Cristmasday. Ouwer day’s are be named after the days of the German Gods.

When the romans come.

The Romens came with graete army to Western-Europe. In it year 50 before Christ where they in what the Nederlanths now is. They could read and write too and them empire where bigger and bigger. They build houses of stone. They go to the Rijn. The river where noth-gard of theire empire. Near the Rijn they build forts, so that they ather people can hold outsite of theire empire. From the North of the Rijn lived the Friezen. About them country a lot of time’s under wather wash build they there farms on a hil. And we wash the empire of that Great Romans army. Could he the Friezen not get under control lived there the viking’s. And yes they lived there and they where so with a helmed a horse and yes they believed in Wodan and Donar for those 2 they are at most afraid wy they are powerfull so we see on the picture. Today they speak just theire own languitse (Fries) we named it. And they can not easy believe in a normal God if i there are (Friesland) you inmidatly the sense of there lifestyle to get they have never give up there freedom. How many war’s theire where ( or for needed where). It is a land in a land. And this you can see it back important people have a butiful with wapens and ather trofee’s on a cemetery great stone’s be stapeld and a great Stone evrybody know’s who theire is under. For us nomaly Nederlanths, who not lived in Friesland, if you go there, they are so different they speak a ather languits and ather chains they have. And we can find it back those cemetery and it can’t be dark and theire can fight on group’s it is still the same. Mabe the have all the time the clock right be back to the time of Wodan, Donar and ather Gods. Where they belief in so rear.


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