The Teheran Man. (this is on true mr. tmasgrave)

When a young boy the newspaper has read, and he wash just finisht with his study. He would like a job as reporter theire has he study’t for. He saw a littel a vacant vacature by a bystander it wash public as well he thout for the beginning is it good i can than hophely growh to a great sender as reporter. But a great sender as a commarcial had not some body sent to look what happend’s in Iran. If you see the documentry that is so good so butiful you shall be never forgot. The young boy has written in his c.v sollisitation letter that he whas be in for a aventure. So it happend for to go he make a pas with the name of Robbert and the familyname of is girlfriend theire he has telefoned when he wash in a theehouse in that Country. He knew where the lavetory’s where and he knew also that there wash a telefone with’s he for 2 minets has brought. She gave her adress so he went to her. He wash glad to see here, but she said you can me bring in problems you know when a women alone at home is she may not make open the door for evry straingh man. But you are mine wife at the moment, what she said wy? Listen i came in on a ather pas my name is now Robbert. Of course she would that see and the pas wash good. But you take my family name that is correct. And how he the filming get out of that Country it suprised me, again and again. He must artikels write for a newspaper so he did that evry day and his girlfriend helpt him a lot of and why some sins can not theire is be cesuratet they lookt first your artile and what theire belief not can get out or they stand on youre door. And that is not nice they look evrywhere who it has written but what they speak to eachather wash for the camera they must outside they Country but how wash theire any help or none. On the documentry you can see how many time’s he and she it has different diffeculty’s verry diffecult they make’t them. And his pas with the name Robbert and her familyname make’s it diffecult for the gard’s, but they accept it he sayd sorry she is my wife (girlfriend). So that make’s it muth’s diffeculty what is it she is my girlfriend and we will be married. Then is it good and they could to the gardpost and in a athe country they posted the film, now it is a documentry. But they ware also on court a women has from a man pickels in her face, in the hospital they did what they could but on 1 eye she wash defently blind. She would the same by him, the jude say you have right. But she couden’t do it evrytingh where on tape and that has also goes to outside the gard’s but now the gard’s are haevy and why, has that to make with what happend in the court. She and He has need help and they get 2 man did or they did to sell carpets and he did of he some one will buy. He askt how come i and my wife this post about the ather side we will help you so they talkt with the gard’s and after a long time they get over the post. That was the most diffecult post they ever have.


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