What means that to a normal person, for the one nothing at all, and for the ather one means that a lot of. But what is a lot of?. So i have seen that some person a young man probebly in the beginning of the 30 so that’s not to old and his girlfriend waited in the Netherlands and he make’s his programme. So he came to Chile and, he lookt for a slapingplace than he was glad, but he walkt and walkt in the middle of knowwere. He spake no Spanish, and theire speake Spanish oké he sayd this where diffuclty how now. He came a view people from the ather side and tride in English to ask for a slaping-place? O yes we know one so went to that little house and you can witth a good talk a slaping-place. And he did, he suspect not muth but what he could see he never thought the man give him a slaping-place, but the young boy would know more about the Kosmos an the UFO’s they came there. Near the slapingplace and the greatst telescope of the world is standing in Chile. He saw butiful thigh’s what all is happend in Kosmos, he found it rearly, but he has seen with his one eye’s. And he would never belief that there a life is in the (what we named) Kosmos. And the old man take him the dat after to a valley, he said look about a view minut’s come’s the first UFO the old man sayd there come’s more, and they are verry quick. The man would make some picture’s  and the oldes’t man put him on his arm and put them down, why is that they are be diffrent she would that you do that they can be fury. And who know what there go happend with youre slapingplace. Is that wrheely? The boy has a lot of questions but the old man sayd, just look. And you never heard him that he not belief into the Kosmos. He was exaiting he would suspect more and more. The only that he said wash i shall never say i do not belief into the Kosmos he has seen with his own eye’s. This wash verry spectaculair to see about the televisonset and now is it also on livestream from youre mobile or tablet. It is just what you have. And than can you see what i have seen on the t.v. oldvesiant? maybe but good programs ather-wise i could not tell about it. And so there is more that is not to explane not yet but later on i think from yes not now. And that youg boy just into the 30 years he would evry time somtingh to have or to think about it that is not normal there must be a explanacian for him. And he look after that from what can you explane and what not for him erytingh. Now he belief in the Kosmos and UFO’s.


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