My Danger Zone.

I’am this morning very lazy, i feel my not very well. But i found that i can write a blog, it’s out of mine life (on true based). When i whas nearly happy 5 year be married, so my husband wash shopping and i, look to a footbalgame between Yugoslavia against Netherlands. Near me came a boy from 13 year old and look also to the footbalgame. What i not know wash he had a gun with him. I found the Yugoslavian play better and deserve a goal. On that moment he take his gun (it wash not a toi -gun) he put it on my head and i get at the same time cold and heat. I do not know what to do, the only wash, get stardet and be quickt. I ask him too his name, he sayd Shayn rear name but you have him from youre parents. The shadow of tree wash always my conscientious, my Psyc. wash not any more so, as it, has to bee. Years after this, you can not speak about a accident. I wash not Psyc. on order. But i stay calm and ask Shayn why he did this, i don’t like you, he wash very short in his answers “if i will i shoot you to death”. And i ask “were  is that good for, only that you don’t like me? And so we talkt quickt but safty aswell for me. What could i do and what shall a ather person do in the same situation, i can’t speak for them. But i want to know or the gun are wheerl or not. He give it to me that have i never suspect i look it whas haevy, he removed the saftycatch, and let me see the bulits they were real. And yes he could to shout me down yet, i wash litly beginning too grazy. But i must stay calm and i could not reacht my husband, my mobile wash into the house where i living that wash stupid from my self. We were married in 1992 two years ago i have told him he begon fury but verry quick he hold his as who he is. He wash shockt of course but i must him tell if you honestly are to youre husband and he is that too, to me. And he would also to take care for me. Why do you that told me after all this year’s, that can he not understand, but i wash be honnest to him. Yes it wash latly think’s that him is happend, when he whas young, and have ather relations that he whas deceit bettween girls, he where broke up, he have notingh at all enymore. But a gun to youre haed that wash new, for him we switcht from house to completly a ather side of the city and there we have ouwer comfortzone a nice a appartment and yes we can and are happy in ouwer new comfortzone. The shadow whas the gun.


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