Trilling of the East-Europe (Danger Zone part 2)

Problems in Russian and Austria. I the East-Europe beggin’s in 1908 a crisis-situaation. The ministers of Outside-Bisniss from Russian and Austria/Hungry play a danger politicle game. The Russian have the war against Japan (1904-1905) lose and the Empirer (of Russian) will his lose in the East, to make, good to the Western-Europe. Finnelay have Russian problem’s enough, inside there own gards. So we  can ask why the Empirer so headstrong in a outside aventure remain shed. The Russian people were still, beggin to a rebellion against the Empirer (Tsaar) to his regime. Russian wash far a way to the ather’s of Europe. Austria and they have Hungry and no any penny at all. Austria know there must inlant somtingh happend. But the Tsaar (Empirer) knows very well that, it not long continue of his people, they put him from his throne. To gome out of his inlant problems he will look a way out, he tought a war shall the Russian bring together and the problems (inlant) are a way. Also the gouvernement of Austria / Hungry play Outside politic game that the inlant problems into restraint. The Austrian/Hungry Kingdom have no glory time’s at all about many years. In it great Kingdom of Austria live’s different people so as German, Tjechoslavakian, Polish and Servian etc. etc. This people feel them under the ather people and where the rebellion’s, because they have not the same right’s. They whant a self-government with his one rule’s. What happend in 1908, it is happening again it come’s from Syria (IS) it will the Russian from the south site come in with his army. What go the Russian do to day, they (Poetin) has cold with Obama. We are now back again in the acctualty. And what is to day happend in France again a terroristic (IS) dramaticly, factory are blowing up and somebody’s head is found the do not know from who that head is. There is no differnce between  (1904-1905) and 1908. Crisis and War came always toghter and it shall always to be here. Now a ather qustion, what as the Big-Bang theoriticly true is? That the Aerth put out of his element from put on in a circle on the sun. The Moon whas out of his section and go to Mother Aerth and give the Aerth a diffrent section, that maybe afther miljon years life are beginning or wash possible. And the rear one is wy beginning a war, or the feeling aubout what i should must belief. My social media is put always to me Love Islam i don’t no why? I ask for a explanation but they don’t it rear. How come (IS) here, with the shipfellows they go to Greece and Italy,  the most of them shall never a live come in Italy or Greece. What must France do again a terroristic ataq. The Europe they com in south Russian (Russian is Europe) and south of France (also Europe) how come they here? They must have a tric or the gard’s are not good.


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