Adopting Children (For Gazette)

Wy must people they are be married, have a child from England, Colombia, Argentina even out China why, why. This is a question that is askt me. Is adopting a child wrong or not wrong, the most people they think that, they are doing good but, Jim and i have no children we have talkt about adopting a child, but the dockter (procedure) sayd no and they know that i can not have any children. But i have not any child bought no any penny for give, (also that happend) that the children are buy for a lot of dollars. I have two doughters not from myself not adopting they has chosen us, when they are in a diffeculty age are. They have alwas a key from us appartment, have problems you can come, the door go open for you, and they have a key so if they need us they should come in. And that is sometime’s need and the youngest come then the oldest not, yes with a email she let somting hear from her. Are they from me i think not acceptance, but here in the Netherlands is that not so that you by authority the father and mother are no so is that not, when the parents not anymore lived than has they them self (only when they are bee married or 21 or older we have nothing to say. After all when they are 16 and must go to school then and that did they also they talkt about it were can i learn for arts (dockter) go to and so we give advice. Lovers where also about spoke, very normal for us so we talkt. But out Columbia, China, Argentina anyway we did it not and not a whreel adoption pitty for us so is also good, Jim has the feeling he have two dougthers and i to, but they have not ouer name they have the name who them wreely on Aerth has let born. The 2 doughters are married have still a job but 1 (the oldest) have to look for somtingh else her job has 3 times on discussion and she is ther not happy with. When she has or shall be lose there job they will nothing know to me, why she has a great onsty, proud feeling only when the whater nearly about her nose is than shall she take her telephone and called us. But princepal i can not found it good that people go to China or where ever they go. I go 4 km and 1 time 3 or 2 km from my one house they came with the bicycle years ago. Now they come with a car. Do you see or in Columbia you have a daughter she come with the car. I think from not she shall come with a nephew or some ather that is from the family. I will nothing say but the different is, it is a poor land for instands (my meaning) but evryone has a meaning. So bouth a happely married and we have nothing to say enymore i child buy for a lot of Dollars i know that, that happend so the parents have later on muths regrate they give there own child away and that is not normal. This child on the picture is also not from me i shoud be very consequent are again my own children. If i has a son as yougest i must not know that he is hanging on the street with explosives by a footbalgame or somting else. By the way you see that a lot of orphanage children 2 or 3 month they bring theire. It is not good that you think 1 child can my husband or if i self can bring than i bring him to the orphanage for an adoption that is not normal and the parents say nothing to the children who shall come (most of the time is that so) and just that 1 child his all live why, why i come not from here. You can see it nearly day by day on televionset. But the most of the time i look to strainge movies, documentry’s or startent – documentry i see how are the people (Nigeria, Colombia even Spain) are poor country’s and were you come the have a mobile internet-cafe, and you go buy a child that is not fair in this world. They know nothing about theire name is diffrent they have the name of the adopting parents so what is the  background of that child or children if you have enough mony. The procedure is a lot of mony  and than the adoption self for court the courtmaster must see the child, must see the parents and the papers it is only paperwork be for the adoption and when you are in that country and after the adoption. So you see how i think about adoption with a bit personly story. You may brougt it if not need my personly story. Whatever my think about adoption is wrong it is from country to country to daungerous and to diffrent by authority not good theire must gome 1 rule for the world, we have the humanright’s and theire is also childrenright’s so the parents must better know what they are doing. So it like’s on nothing i hope that it into the future can be better. But i don’t no way and how i that can do, yes maybe to publicity give and i give it to the Gazette, hophely theire com’s attantion for a forgotten problem, forgotten is it. Nobody will speake about it, and why no attention evryting go well it is the mony the mony has to roll. It is a economic situation it is good for the flow up. How come’s it that i always came out by the econimic situation is it so important the mony for a country a child has also a price a lot of. It must go to schoo buy the books again a lot of mony disepart from out youre bookcaping you do youre bookopen and put in how many you give out. And so we can speak a lot more.


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    1. I’am glad that you, the artikle has buytiful found and we did no choose for children (we can not have thise whas us not given. But the children has indeed choose us. When they have problems they come to us, on a ather way you have a responssessabilty, and that is a bit rear.


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