When a Boy Must Go To The Army

When a boy must go to the army he found that not nice. They tried always to escape from the army nobody know’s it. Listend to command’s that nothing for me that is the first thing that a boy from 18 years sayd. Some will not in the army, because the must shooting with a wapen they would not do that why, religous scrupies. Some must come they for the milatrycourt and you revioust you were lockt up the jude shall tell you how long.  But if you not revioust than you have the chance that you go to Servië and it is possible than you see to muth you come traumatist back in youre dream’s you see granats, bombs and minefields, and you are just now 19 years old when you maybe go back to youre fathercountry in that country, theire are diffrent country’s they have to help eghather. You are glad that you after 1 year for six week’s can go home in that time you will a lot of enjoy and you know that they ring (call) you and you must back to the place where are them  shall drill for the next of the same country go and you wash so short at home, back to the front in the east. And youre are know what is happend, just already, you know people died around you. They step on a minefield or from far a way they have a granaet in there leg. And there leg must be amputed, so is a people live to save. But why a insent people must be killd, we must that ask to next President Clinton he know why. And why the soldier not, that whas a great politicle game, blufpoker that the President tought to win, but we have a long breafh. Honestly there are after all no lovers they can play came’s to. When the soldier can go and have his duty done, he can look for work on normal work, not any more in a uniform normal close’s and you can look for a normal job. Only a women for a relationship, but you are youg and can look, the time that you self will give. You should think evrything come’s be good or all right. That is not true what the boy has seen is horreboule, he see in his dreams his college died, he see people who lived theire for his nose died he can’t save them enymore. He see what and how toureboule and a great chaos it is in that country. He dreams evry night about it, he ask by himself “what did i there”Did i make it worse or? “And he give the blame to himself” what i did whas not good, theire is a politic game playd with us. They must them SAME and why they are still buzzy to read all those papers, where is it go wrong? We find out. But the boy who has a job it go worse and worse with him, why it seem’s his dreams so he has no job enymore so is live.


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