We Lost Ouer Way

We belongs to a far a way Empirer from Kasbah we have a long travel after ouer way so, we think that we are nearly at home. But the leader of the troops sayd “stop we are going wrong, without we know we go south-east”. Theire wash all ready a man woundet into a fight, that we have won. Ouer leader saw wather, but he say’s “it could be a oase”, we take still ouer bottle checkt or they not be in the fight a hole in is. Ouer leader did, did know we are so thurthy. How could it be that we not traffled to Kasbah, but to a ather place. The leader go forward and has told who the leader at that moment wash. The leader named Sjept go with a withe flag away. We tried to put wather into ouer bottle’s that must be possible. It wash a dark city or maybe spokecity theire wash rough still between the warriors into the group also we saw fog the nearlist building look a like a temple or a castle. Far a way we saw that Sjep come’s back with two ather man. They say “come with us”. ‘Two man has theire bottle not empty enymore, they put wather in ouwer wather”. “Is that so” Sjept ask Spinner sayd “yes sir”. The man who game from that strainge town (spoke-city). The town, village or little city called Kalagrosh. Sjept sayd we came frome Kasbah “we lost ouer way”. “You can sleep in Kalagrosh, but the two has put wather into theire bottle, they not they sleep on gards on a ather side of bridge”.  “With no permission you toke no bottle’s full of wather, so we went to now to Kalagrosh”. And so they go on theire way to Kalagrosh. Sjept look at after him to see or Spinner and Ribour they behaviouv them bought. Spinner and Ribour must sleep someweare else.  We don’t like that, what should they that night do?. What sall us happen are they killed us in Kalagrosh, shall we be offerd or must we suffring. All that think’s spoke into youre spirit. It wash a very long way to walk about the bridge and we came on the ather side. We must go  to a great rock and a look a like temple, we have no way out the bridge put down, so we can not walk away they have ouer bottle’s make empty they put the wather into theire wather. Sjept and the athers they bring them to the tepmle or castle into the fog far, far, a way from us. We sleep outside with nothing at all. How get we back to ouer Kasbah. Only Sjept can tell us and can us maybee free we have the night not slept we think and we talkt to eachather. The ather day they bring us to the middle or the dessert. Theire whas no wather anymore, Ribour and Spinner must go further to the Kasbah without wather how worse whas that. But i learn Ribour to drink his spittle (saliva) into his throut, so we say afther a wile nrhing. When we Kasbah far a way saw we ask when may we have wather?. I Kasbah self. We enjoyd it we have save the journey a horreballe journey. After all we are still a live. Theire are we glad with it.


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