What Is Right And What Is Wrong

What right is and what wrong is, we learn quickly on a youg age age from ouer parents. But have ouer parents it good learned from them parents we shall never know that. Tell they us the truth, how wash them morality between some thinks what wreely is wrong and not wrong in theire eye’s. So we learn the same morality of ouer parents, but you have a strong meaning have for you own and if you stand for that, what right is, is right and left is wrong. Then are you still wrong the left-side and the right-side theire are two fields and belongs to each-ather. Still we take the brains, you have a left-side and a right-side and we make it a little bit diffeculty you have a front-side and a after-side so you have 4 thinks. Not only the the left-side and right-side. Look i’am not a arts or dockter or a specialist in brains. But i have all tell me about it when i have a good migraine ataq has, a week after when whas it happend. I whant to know how good that happen and or i go into the future more migraine ataq’s can have. Have took a brain and he sayd where what is and how it named it. The last time there is very many discussion about the brains. One is sure the left-side and the right-side belongs to echtsather, but the front-side and the after-side belongs them to echtather? They still argue about the front-side and the afther-side and youre sleep. When if you a week has hard workted and you go to bed for a sleep and you are the greatst frind of you radiotimer that have make you wake up youre wife sleep well and you are still awke. That is on the moment also a great arguepoint, come’s it because some people work hard after them computer or is it somting else. What is in this right or wrong what youre self say, to youre self not to long after the computer, or i can handlle it. Is it wrong or not and with youre left-side if it is good under control you can mathematics the right-side is to speake English, Spanish, German and a bit France. Writing we have not have 1 of the two left-side or right-side is for development and that is to bad for the person and there is not a argue about it. So we can say when the left-side is after in development with the ather side than you have problems with youre mathematics. This is etical beproved. Now we are be the ethic problems where philosophers on argue what is right and what is wrong and what is just not beproved on that point you can argue the afther-side and the forward-side and of a computer has to be influents on the sleep it is on youre right-side. So we can argue about the sleep in combination with working with a computer? That is not to be beproved so i like this discussion and the front-side and the after-side from youre head. Eticly belongs the left-side and right-side to echtsather. Oké that some philosophers will see 2+2=7 theoretiacal than is youre mathematics not correct. It look like not at all philosophic but on this way you can look to the world around you and what happend around us is all ethics and morral or should we say ethics is not all beproved so can we speake about immoral when not all is beproved like 2+2=7 we learn somting else on school good i will belief that are philosophers are they will this see that they can and will beproved that. I should begin with the last one 2+2=4, when it is not 4 than you can theoreticly go to 2+2=7 and when that is true and for a second time successfully is beproved we have learn on school wrong. But this is only theorethitcly and morraly on discussion, on theorticly is it correct morally incorract. If we go talk about the generally (withs com’s from latin genaralasion) that means that you have to look about everything. We can not look and discus about the world. We do it some time’s but not evry day. Yes a priest will ask to himself what to do, ask i the pope for to be quit me, so i can married with me love, that are feelings for a ather people, his love, is that morraly wrong i found  it not. Evry man has feelings, evry women has feelings is that wrong i think from not. And for this you have no need any evidence. But for youre brains you have evidence need the for-side and the afther-side of youre head belongs them to echthather. On the day of now tommorow is it still not beproved  no good evidence maybee about 10 years. What now a actuallty study is, is than maybee beproved, i hope so not for myself but theire are still ather and younger people than i’am, so them could be helped if they will. Look when somebody is 83 years old he/she has a stuppid accident in his own house he/she is falling and has after that the fingers are do not normal what he/she will. On that moment when he/she is comming out of the hospital. It is not a normal trilling he/she has brain-infarct for so far we know and the place where the demache is, is ethis not on discussion but also just not corrctly beproved, morality they say yes, that can them see on the foto’s. And they give the disease a name so as Altsheimer and they do still looking for with, what is the connection. Morally the dockters can give it a name, but the connection what is happend and why are is hands and fingers not still. The dockters are for a riddle but not long enymore i have it idea. But i’am wrheely not a dockter. Sorry that i have this not philosophis be written.


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