The Predicition Of World War III

A lady that in 1960 on a surtenlay time bring a warning that warning look out the, came from the lady Lucia. In the night of 25 january 1938 wash it northern lights, green viaolet, yelow and flamd read, it must be angry. They has Prediction in that night from 1960 in that year wash the last message to the non Lucia. (She where non because, she wahs very shockt about waht she see in 1927). She life’s at the moment in a Monestery  of Colombia it named Coimbra. When Lucia 53 years old wash, she went to the pope and why don’t nobody, she told her secret only to Pope Paulus VI (he has not long lived). When she told her secret the pope say nothing and be fridnend but he wash witte in his face, his face go from the non away. The message wash how you be went the, The World War III wash be Predict by a non (Lucia). This all shoud be happend in 1999 or 2000, wash this by chance or a coincidence or wash it whreel wath she belief and all those years has a secret drown with her. But are we beginning of a new War with IS that will go to Egypt and so to Irak and Iran. How strong is theire army, o yes what say the sepratist to the Netherlands “if you somting take with you ” (that wash as evedence for to look of the plane is been shot down with a Buk-rocket) “will you a World War III that say to the Netherlands and why?. And yes whe where not in 1999 not in 2000 but in 2013, 13 is not a lucky number. But the same light a have two years ago seen thus in 2011. The euro exist not now the euro theire is, you have more chance on a War, and why the suith can not have a euro they have a weak coin where they must be payd. And than we have the fellow’s on the boat they come from Libia, Somaliën and ather lands where they them not feel welcom in theire own country. Italy and Greece has the most on the beach evry day again. The world has his self help to rigid in the Islam (evry day i have 1 or more messeges from people and i can only read I LOVE ISLAM) and it is also in so written so as it there is standing, belief me i’am not afraid but i ask for a translation what the rest in Arabic is written, that look me not so difficult. How far will they go, very far i think. You go say dreams can not true, but when you a littel child wash mister you dreamd also from somting would you not a great bookwritter, a famous book- writter? Yes that wash you dream and what dream i, i dream to be famous but not famous to think’s to say, and come true. I have that from my parents, and Jim has that from his father, so we have that boht, from ouer parents. We are no non and not a priest, but that World War III com’s i belief that, look Boko Haram, IS and Algaida it is all Islamitic they think not good – will than we took the wapens than have they listen  to us. And i sayd it before War and what you belief go suit in suit. But if the economy is wors than they have reathen more to go stronger make theire army, free is not anymore you must into the army. And it hard to speak about it and i tried to do that, somtime’s is it angry and scary that you know what can happen and is not a ghost with is in me. If you have a Chinese curse on you so as the great karatake man Lee, if you seen the film the curse of the dragon, that is amazing and you see how the evil win between the good one, his son has the curse to, Brandon Lee, his whreele name wash diffrent so his father hoped that his son (Brandon) could escape frome the curse who he has. Enyway theire whas no way out his father choose that name for him and has sayd you go to Amerika so he did. Brandon get’s a chance to play in a movy he accept the script, but what he not knew whas that when they have to shoot with a gun not wrheel boullets in where but 2 are just whreele, and shoot to die and Brandon died, the curse whas back. His son Tommy Lee wash born in Amerika and is still a live. But my greatst intresting time wash the moment that Presedent J.F. Kennedy are be shoot to die, whem he make in a open car driving in a state from the U.S. and that his brother Robbert Kennedy also be shoot down. And why the NSA (Hoover) don’t like them speccaly Robbert Kennedy minister of Justice. This is from John Mason and i read espasialy or dreams speak the true or that you that can forgotten it’s not true. What about that you have a connection with the univers, but read Great Mysterys, Future Prediction’s i think that you can find a labarry with old books from 1975 – 1976 i like that here are still be arue on with is true. I have also read Nostrodamus, but about Nostrodamus you can still argue, some things he whas wrong and ather things he spoke the true. That have i read but it whas not mine book i must give it back if you have a good labbry you can found that too. They are still tips what you can check if you like to check. I do that to page by page i check it when i’am ready i can close the book. And is it so rear that theire maybee a World War III come’s?. No the World has make himself wrong very wrong and what do you think?.


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