A father go with his doghter to Athene. My haert go fast and in my spirit i saw a young women, she was wish, butiful and godless. She let me see a table with a lot of food the warher go into my mouth. But what my father sayd to me, i diden’t understand he sayd ‘you are old enough to get be marryd. You shall be by a women and she has the intention you are now a women but know you are always my doughter”. You go muchs young girls see. And yes on a great plain i saw a lot of girls they has butiful flowers in theire hair. They sing and dans’t they laught, constentley but they have, what i saw, they have not enjoy. I heard a scream two to hire for two Drachmen the peace, says my father, not friendly and went his back. Then i heard somting scream they are a lot of people the name of a women, the people get out of as animals so like that. Theire was a procession and so the people stoot they are so butiful left and right of the great marketplain. The man or more than 1 it ware a lot of, stoped to with speaking. Preciassly in the middle where the man’s stoot, came a butiful women in not even so butiful closes but, slowly walket on. A slave-women had a sunscream in her suit and held it abouve  her head against the sun. Slowly came she walkt on and look sufficient laugh on her face. When she make here round on the marktplain she great some man, and wash very friendly, the crouwd, man thus stoot on eachother and talkt quickt. I was so inmpressed to look what there all happend, that mine father wash gone, i do not saw him enymore. But i found him, and he wait at me also now he wash not friendly, he talkt to me and i break my father in wath he has to tell. I want that women better learn know, who is it. “Theano the heaere” he wash very short now. “Who here wants get’s her, but who helpd his self broken up”. He brougt me to the littele street to the ferry all with man wimmen and old houses. My father would this me so long as possible bespared. Athene has many, many face’s but this i can help it that time come’s own’s he would surtenly walkt away, i ask’t are theire no normal women here” “yes there” and i followd his finger, poor women a slave. But me shout that never happend i promise to myself.


Mijn blogs zijn bedoeld voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar. Er kunnen namelijk wat schokkende verhalen tussen zitten. Maar ik heb nog een vraag ik zoek nog steeds een sponsor die mij wil helpen om deze blogs te kunnen uitgeven (autobiografisch) in een boek, graag een reactie?Geef een reactie

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