Andrew has fear for wather. part 2

And now i was sure about it, that there somting not good whas i’am sure about that. Andrew has all ready had with Venece, after 3 days we where out we go to Rome visit that great Coloseum but we travlet wrong but not mutch.  Andrew enjoy him self too see the Coloseum, Andrew knew that theire not any wather is or whas. But we go too the ferry and Andrew enjoy ouer voot steps where his gids and so to say nothing we took the ferry to Greece shoud he see the different? I think it not but the play that until play’t but we saw he nothing at look or he his eye’s abouve to the heaven lock and when we where with the boat to the ather side of the 2 different country’s and saw Andrew somting and we the ather 11 of the group we sayd we let you see the world, first Europe. Now we must tell ouer secret, but no wather we have some city’s bookt he want to know it. So we named city’s they are not on the wather, but not all their are city’s they are on a beach and wather the see and the sand in different colours so when Andrew say it is good we talkt and went with the aroplain land in Athene, hophely could Andrew too and tried to flying if he that could than can he also see wather.  Andrew whas a boy where you from sayd, he has make it all never fear on time that we fear should bee and then is Andrew fear for wahter and a ghost it good be somting else.  They knew that theire house for rent was for 8 days i have home their telephone number. So they can some one sent in, it dinner come’s not on his one feet’s in and on table. But for little thing’s whas Andrew afraid anf fear and we have spoken, him to help him from his efaer and ather things where he a fear for is just to travellet too. Ouer plain has landed it must be tankt, cleant up packech in the plain, meal’s on board. That is a lot work for not mutch people that there whas. Hey boys we can on board of the aroplain.  The ather follow, Andrew came as the last one, why i ask my self some ather boys say where is Andrew? Very quitte and slow he let see his boardingpas. Wy did he so, he don’t fligh nothing also a fear for that? Andrew has a place in front of me and Christopher have a seat after him, Jack whas also near him Alex has a place near him. So theire could (for us feeling) nothing go wrong and on evry boardingpas we have a lot groupe – purchase prise. So we will know if he more fear’s have than we know.


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