Andrew has fear for wather.

W e had Andrew ask to go with us on a vacation when he has ask’t aubout 2 weeks oké, but he diden’t know where we are going. We had booket for Venece, Venece is whater there are no streets. Andrew has never seen the St. Marcoplain neither do i and many athers out of the group. We go to a boat and we ask us to bring to the St. Marcoplain, when we  go forward, i put mine suite into the wather it field nicely not to cold. I put my ather suite into the wather and beginning Andrew make waite i sprite my suite and all the wather came in has face. His feare where great but why, “go you under the shouwer” “yes” that is the same i tought and the ather out the people laught. What we not know is that Venece also whas a ghostcity the boat’s do not bring you to some houses with are is laying into the wather. I let my card see with house we are should sleeping. The boatdriver were also feare. He should stopt one minite and he go further that wash oké. We packt oure bag and put them about on the shoulder. We stept out and go further, ring on the bell the door go open we had first store. There we have a short dinner but it whas good. After that we look who where go sleep the bed look fresh and some of one go with theire suit’s on the bed and put on it. In evening we have also a dinner but all small think’s i did no what it whas i ask the group they coudend also say what it whas, but we slept well, until mitnight exactly 24.00 ouer the cloc go, and they did the all day nothing. We where all awake we heard a deep voice not a normal voice Andrew where angry from fear that he had a littel bit fear where the ather’s too, i to but we did of theire nothing whas and that Andrew get quick quitte but still the heart go faster than normal, when it whas over we go to sleep. In the morning at eight we have a good meal, but Andrew would left the house and would look to a hotel. We lookt also to a hostell were we on the neiberhood or a Hotel fount the hotel we let that, the first thing that Andrew ask whas are here gost at midnight? No this hostell is between 10 and 20 years old so 15 years maybe careless. Could we have 12 rooms we are with a group, i have one big room look i shall show you, but do we have no groupe – purchase prise, this is a commercial town. And the prise where ghost where we have slept we payd a lot of money. We will slept here for the same prise. I bookt that house, i had heard about it and read about it.


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