So when i went to China i heard about the nuleusatombombing, I’am sorry that whas Japan, but China has always trubles with there smog. And what i see is one stock – still, landscape i’am depressesd of it, if the world look like so about many years, we have not mutch anymore. Than look like the aerth as my picture, and than we must hope that the wather is not to heavy with smout. Than you get it ever never anymore clean. And live there people? I do not know we never don’t know it. The blue round bols are they new houses or not and how do i come in a seach, maybe whas so blue bol whas interessting i have some time, long time ago seen cubical houses that whas rear but this to. But a curling – iron so i see on the picture, there is a lot of possible, that tree’s look very sad and that wather too. Behind the 2 curling’s one bigger than the ather one after that a lot of smog. If the smog hold on than we have only wather the ice – beers are gone. The sun shall be heater and heater. Thank’s for the industry the smog and the oilplatforms. Than you have so a discusting landscape, i hope than i’am death, that’s nothing for me. A view factory’s on the background, would i live there they answer is no, not it all. Strainge that the sky is blue , butiful blue in a sad and depresif landscape, i’am now self depressed. Sorry i can not write 1000 words if you want so, maybe with a lot of luck 300 more not. I would stay there any minite longer. I want go home back to the reallity. Pleace let me go, no houses, just 2 factory’s and a lot of smog. What i’am doing here? It is still sad.


2 gedachtes over “WHEN I WENT TO CHINA

  1. Saskia, you’re grammar seems to be getting a little better, though there are still sections that are difficult to understand. Also, there seem to be several misspelled words. Some are fairly clear (like I’m assuming that wather is water), but does ‘maybe whas so blue bol’ supposed to mean?


    1. When i went to China, i put it in concept for my one i saw these stupid grammar from myself. And then is it all ready be post. I know you go say, read about it for you posted. I hope that my grammar still get better.


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