Have God This Also Make?

This lac, have God this also make? In the story you say from yes, but with what for reason, God can only tell us. But has God know that some people theire women has married and, in some way do are it is theire property. No women is property of her own man, she loves him or she loves him not, but when you love somebody than you are not jet his “property”. And why, Aristotele ask it too a great Philosopher, he ask that to why are women “property” on her husband, some can be theire women as a slave. A women can more than that alone normaly she can give you childeren and that is very inportant for a man we have just not speaking about the moral. Have the man work can he the children and his wife give to eat, have he a little bit normal hous? All questions for the man who the father of the bride if he can be answerd on this than they talkt about the price to payd for the bride. And yes that is still today the true. When i married mine father say “you have to do what youre husband youre sayd”. So what in the artikle is written from you sute, is today still the true. But we have a proposel and evry of ouer two has his responsibilties. However not all of the proposels, theire are thing’s that we do together, thats normaly we found so. But if i had lived in the time of OT law than i choose for 1) the moral OT law such as love your neighbor, do not mutder, etc. So it is Gods wil that respect the first OT law. The church whas in that time very powerful. On sunday evrybody that live’s in a village the go evry sunday to the church, a all morning they were in the church. Good OT law or a Bat OT (a murder 3) in your artikle, but a bat OT derives from the power of the state, he can know’s that if you bring some ather to death, nobody will you. And the father of the bride that time he shall somting ask by the authority, with autonomic ruls. That Bat OT can pray what he want, the question is always open, has God him forgiven? Than you go do good thing’s and not enymore bat thing’s. Can the father of the bride to deal with it, certenlay not i’am sure about it. In the Old Testament law, say so understand the most people of it. Do not murder a ather people, Moses have us let see 10 committed subsribe in stone table’s. But before that how saw the world out war and peace or only peace and butiful? And if you time has come how do you to God stewardship or is it true that in 5 days youre spirit leave your body and that your body is on earth and youre spirit life further into the univers? That last one is true, many people has learnd for it, when you are be barried, the man can tell you that to. But come we back on earth (reiarcarnation) than you have to deal with God’s authority, so i suspect and evil people must they go to the hell? What has God say’s about it? That bad for the evil OT law they have killed or murder someone if that is true? And what’s happend with a Nostrodamus, he, he is been curst between the authority and the people around him, a lot of what he sayd came out not all but i see it so. Princepal the church is still for some people important, and certanly the beginning with the old Testament in their speech, most of the time a long speech. Is that good for the OT law’s yes how longer how better, with the hope that they shall come to the priest, for to tell evrything what they did wrong. Wrong is someone you have murderd and you have think about it, just the speech whas so long. And you know as OT law, when you whas wrong, you shall be come for a jude. Than we have also the health inspectors, to look for or a dockter his work will be good do. The argues from the authority are still higher and wath for it go, for any many and more dollar’s so mutch you never has seen. It go to the authority pricecase hore more how better. But we need health their are a lot of children they have cancer, or a ather decace those people has not a normal life, have they? That evrybody under the state belongs, that is a fact, what a fact is and beproved is, is true. But you are not property of the state you may go to any ather state, you may the country out, maybe for view weeks but they hold you not on your sute, from stay here, you go not out. Yes to prisnors. But the health is be good erranged, or not? Not all is good so you see thing’s it is not possible in a land that not any time bankrupt is so like Greece. How more you learn how more you know, and what you know is power and so you where are a powerfull people, legitimate and correctly aswell. If you will speak about autonomic model: Baskenland in the North of Spain is autonomic model, still it belongs under Spain but they have theire own jude their and a own Government, so you have in each state of the U.S.  So you belongs to youre Government. And i belongs under mine Government. But has God make the world or wash it the great Big-Bang theory? Yhat is still a question for me and for many ather people, they tried to find out wath is true and what not. My interpretations are verry different of youre’s, but it wash diffecult.


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