When Can A Women Suspect A Child?

From this women (i have spoken her) wash suspect a child when she whas dansing for the public. She take a great risk and she know that, but she has to have and desirved her mony, she has to do that. When she has a break, because ather people are dansing and i go to w.c. i saw her but she has pain a lot of pain. Hophely not a miscarych for her but i ask when i come back from the w.c. I ask her are you inpracnant yes. I see you have pain but it is not good for you, it make you to thin, that’s growing. I know but this whas the last time that i did it. When must the child gomming aubout 3 mounth so you are 6 month now that is wreely dangerous, after this and a ather party i have free than you 9 month and you can you make ready about when you suspect it? I don’t now the dockter tell’s me but i’am forgotten. This story i shall never forget so she wash forgotten to take in her medicine that we called the pill. And so you can be suspect a child. But you have more than that alone you have more antcipation i have the pill to, but it work not and that is danegrous too. What happend whas next i have love with you man than is possible that you get a child but it is not always so. Even like that it whas by mine fysicly good and i suspect a child when i will tell my husband that will be a father, and he noticed this we should go to the dockter for to know, sure if it wash a fact then is it be true. It wash a fact the same time a lose my child it wash a boy i have al ready names that wash the four and the last, but that the pill has not workt i can help it that whas a ask for the dockter. So i went to the dockter, telephoned for when can i comming the assistent of the dockter say’s i shall tell him a ouer later the phonet  i go take’t the assistent of the dockter so he sayd i’am coming late in the evening to you take so long as possible a shouwer and get ather closes, i know what is happend. And i did what he has sayd. 17.00 ouer de dockter came my husband to and he told that he got be father finally, but it where be cruel disturbt. He told also that i has names for the boy. The dockter ask with names Victor Alexander Emanuel i told why so mutch the dockter ask the first two are wreely for a man the last is when he will let dope that is than cristian-name, do you still belief not wreely but you don’t know what the child will. I’am born to early 1955 what’s that now. If i now was 29 i will be a mother, but theire came the dockter not for, i know that to. He came to talk about to, and begins directly aubout sterilisation he knew that we should be confust we ask can we adopting children well we have two daughters Eline is the oldest and Mylene she is the jongest, but make us Granny and Grandpa whe are proud those children we bring up and year for year they grow. But i know what it is to have a child, what is growing in you, and i know also what it means if you the baby lose and you can not help it, it go so quick you have no noticed from my own husband wash also rear to look and we have everything bespoken. But now you have differnt thing’s that they can be brought for anticipation you have a chip that go with a prick the dockter chip you with them prick for 3 month free from, that you are get a baby (thus inpracnant) so you have the old way spyral they can bring it in frontside frome the women nice is diffrent and a man can not ask or feel it, what a women has to feel. Yes a man can ask but the only what he can doing is his wife help and understant that she has pain, on that moment after a view day’s not any more. And the oldest own is not so safety by the man help’s it the self death paste. Let’s take a look of we have evryting has paste what ther  on the market is for anticipation, i forgot the condoom (durex the best theire is). I’am a little bit curius about this story to ask for so specific what all about is on market for to get children or not. Now one thing i can tell you, i know what four time’s to lose is. One in four month, one in three month and the last two just the moment that you have past the two month, but i know what it is children to have and they are have too choose for there school and what them exactly will do for occupation Evelyn is in the care and the yougest one is teacher, happly they are happy with their choises. And both are out of the house and be married, i’am glad that they still be have a good man where they still are be married are. After you marry will you get children and Alayna too the women has to carry it 9 month long. So i mean nothing at all, sorry that i now ask you that but, between this story i has never tought so rear story that you have given i’am sorry about that but i make my homework so you sayd. My yongest daughter did not wel, and i mean she eat not enough and drink not enough she whas not glad by the first time she whas inpracnant, but she is glad with her children.


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