Aztec Empire

A young man tried to escape from a ceremony, there are some helmed people on the background they tried the young man to hold on with theire legs and arms, but the young man is strong and could make him self lose the ather look, they have not suspect this. For a ceremony theire are only the man, who has the ceremony already has and now a growing up man, a warrior thus he make as evryting has been good, a man of the group they have to go hunt for food. But he is a child from 12 years old, if i have to prove me, than i do it now. “For me not a ceremony how many people they are here at the moment”. He yell it out. The hypriest is far on the background he look suprist would to the young man (for who the ceremony is) but there are a lot of people around him, but they can him not stop. If i see it good theire is a great army after him, did the young man foolish or wash this wise to do. Theire is one man and think let him do between him nearly before him is standing the medicineman, he get him calm-douwn. We speak about a major, but by indians they have a ather name for it. On the background has evrybody will quick be the place where evrything happend the stupid from the indians they do that normally not to walk about eachather and so they struggling further together, the boy must be do is ceremony. And he would not “than he came for the medicineman you like it or not you have to it is tradition and you know that”. The boy did not anwer with chance do i have, and the army after him whas still struggling people about ather people incredebble, and a indian not worth, they do that normaly not. The people they walkt afther they have normal the person give a somting to drink where he a littele bit slapy are, and so easy walkt with them. The person can him awake and let do what he must do by difficult people so as this young man it is not strong enghough. The medicinman can give him a little bit and that evrything are where calm douwn is. If they are still struggling on the background they whant so quickly forward, it is not organized. So it look and come’s it all about me, i can’t help it. The sky is not clearly blue but theire is also white in the sky. Somebody come from the back site and give the youg boy, the man that came from the back-side he trieded to shocket the yong boy but he did not quickly he go with his left arm about the  neck of his attacker and so fight them further on the back the see this and noticed that there must more worriars to forward and one for one they came forward to give help. Now they are not anymore struggeling about them self’s they came quick forward, but the boy whas stronger than they thought for a youg 12 year old boy, that suprised them. The medicineman and a ather warrior are waited for him. But whit two person’s they should and could handle it. The are in the background they don’t have any trust in that, that two people it could handle it, and would also qwick be forward. A stronger and greater warrior are feld his not save by two he would and must by him self go help. They where arrived by a great suferblock theire must he be awake, but he has to take a wapen he whas aggresif from the drink and take the wapen from the medicineman. And the fight whas begon there came now in a curckle to him, two about the left two or three after him and the rest came from back about right-away, and two before him. The young man did not know what whas happening how he came theire, he will not suffre. It whas just a child from 12 years, but that whas the age that (for boys than) that them theire mannish must let see too the group or ather man great bigger and stronger than he whas. He don’t like that but the curcle whas nearly closed around him and they should give him a ather drink, the boy pickted nearly out of the hands from the medicineman, but in his left hand he has a reserve. He whas so aggresif he must be a fight to stand where to stop. But if i has see it good than shall the curcle are completed. And than shall it not easy are for him to do what ather boys on his age do, maybe they fight to when they awake on the sufferblock he tought afther this i ask the ather boys. The ather people are very angry on him when he whas calm and has some ather drink he liked that, he whas not sleepy but what they say he did, he waited, so he has seen that the ather people so close that he not could fight again but, the wapen from the medicineman, it whas his trophy. The man behind him has them quick restart and do what them normaly do. The curcle whas so good as it get’ s closed about the boy, the medicineman must promisid that he have the trophy should be hold. The medicineman promisid that and in the middle of the curcle theire he must do what he must do, even as ather 12 year old boys, but why whas he the first, he prommised that he not anymore should yell, talk or evryting so he should his mouth he can talk and ask to the medicineman why he must first. And the medicineman shall talk of he could not aigans’t the drink. That would the medicineman know. There came  a anwer when they are back into there camp.


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