Caesar and Cleopatra

I have sleept very good, and i’am still sleepy aswell, so i hope a lot of sleepy that i not make to mutch stupidet grammar folts.

This Book is Written by George Benard Shaw 15 march 1899.

It handle about the love shene between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra (in the old Egypt. Cleopatra’s gard warning her that Caesar is landed for a invasian  to Egypt. Cleopatra whas sent out Egypt to Syria because her brother, Ptalemaeus, with who she has a clach for the Egypitsh throne. De gard is also warning that Caesar’s ataq  from land is onduscusubol and not to exstit. A Nubian gard go on flight to Cleopatra’s palys and warnt that the inside that Caesar and his army’s are on just not enymore than an ouer drive. The gards, know’s from Caesar’s weakness for women, a plan about him to get him after all about to tell that Cleopatra-who-is-the best Egypt Empirer in the name of Ptolemaeus could be. They tried to lokalised, but shall be told between Cleopatra’s nurse, Ftatatita, that she is walkt away. Caesar know she could far a way, but Cleopatra whas even so quick the clasch with her brother, this whas her only way to stay on the Egypt throne. If you that have, you have also the throne about Alexandrië. She get her make as a Empirer with the staf of Ra (the death). She has no mercy with Caesar and his army. She know what she whas doing, her brother should that not know, he should alsso with a army go to Caesar. The gard has told his weakness for women and she whas a women she has the chanse at the moment. After 1 kilometer they see echather right in the eye’s so Cleopatra stops and say Caesar what bring you here with so mutch soldier’s where is that good for. She bring the staf of Ra high up and hold him good fast in her right hand. Caesar whas not inprest, this staf bring him a good live he know’s that. But what he not know’s is that theGod Ra in Egypt the God of the death is, Cleopatra knew that so she wish him to death. Cleopatra summon him to move from her country, normal speaking could but you come alone, no soldiers understoot she ask Caesar!. He answerd with a yes, next week you come alone? that whas good. So Cleopatra has save the country her brother should be diffeculd chanse have for the Egypt throne, if Caesar next week came back. Caesar did not broken his word what he has given to Cleopatra. He came, has two gards withs him, and she sayd alone. That whas the first thing where she about speaking why are you not alone?.  They are for me safty and one told me the way, but i’am still here so what’s the deal? Caesar ask what the deal is we sayd to the people you are visit me official and i come to Rome for a officialy visit but you must invite me. Cleopatra has the stick with the head of Ra (the God of the death-people) near her she took her arm to the stick but when she want to take she did not. Cleopatra has no man with she could married, her brother no that discussion she get not on. But theire whas maybe an ather option. Caesar him self and he should not know the gard’s who told about his weakness for Wimen than whas this a great uportunity. She took late in the evening a bath of Milk, it look like crazy but in that time they where good in natural health, also a bath of Milk. But they talk about diplomatish land what for who whas and get. After that on day 2  they should speak to the public, Cleopatra say when she the God Ra into the air left. Caesar is for now on the Empirer of new Rome, she know about the conflict (clash) with Pompey the old Rome. Caesar ask of he just own night could stay, Cleopatra go agree, and that whas the onenightstand they have and Cleopatra whas suspect a baby. When it whas born she give it the name Caesario a boy he should be the Empirer after her. That whas be settelt that whas just what she whant, the Throne of Egypt whas safe. A gard came bring a message it whas for the trip to go Rome it whas officilly, she had to go and what now whit the baby, they sayd took it with you. She did not know what her in Rome whas waiting, but she did sent a gard away how it whas in Rome if it whas safty for her and the baby. It whas not perfect so as she hopet but the stick of RA go also with her. So she went to Rome. And theire she heard the most nasty thing’s as you are a …… then she where infernal, she stand up took RA in the air and say. Caesar this is not what we have speake about it. Caesar has a clash with Pompey did you know that she ask the public, i hope that the God’s Caesar are good will give a life. Soon he shall sent soldiers to Pharsaliaand will tried to kill Pompey in mine Egypt, but i sent also a army. The Rome-people sent her away into the littel cellar. Caesar tried the crowd to get quiet after a long time of yelling they where still. Does she speak the true, that you will kill Pompey? Caesar lookt near him but Cleopatra whas gone. She can not know what for dissions we here take. But after all i have plans yes. And what Caesar sayd came true, he get permission to sent a army to Pharsalia and the murder whas unknown. Pompey where in Egypt murderd in he feld into the hands of  Lucius Septimius. He where killed to, he knows to mutch.


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