The Defenition Of Marriage.

For me is the defenition of marriage, that a man would be married a women is has, to hunting the women. If the women are hunting the man then it not wreely correct. That’s aigainst the nature. Many man those are married a women found a marriage against the nature between two man (gay you subscribe them) or two wimen (lesbenis).

Somthing Else: Can they help that they are so been born?.

But that has very long run between that whas arranged, by jude. That a for me wreely ondiscusebol i can believe this, that people must fight before the judge to get married. Feelings are never endid you feel a lot of your women Alanyana she for you that shall not eny morre go a way. So even by two man (they are gay) if they are born so they can help it, to mutch from theire mother to will have communication with a boy who has the same problem, outside they are a boy inside they are a women. Can you see the problem of this?. And by wimen is that the same to mutch man inside and outside a wimen they have the same problem as some one who is a gay-person. And those persons will also married for law and churh it’s where you for choose do you both than you have to do first the law and than the churc. And by a gay-person is it a contract the will legally old together and spend theire lives together. For evry copple is the intent very diffrent, you intent is atherwise than mine intent.

But the defenition of a marriage is for me to help echather until the death past.

For me is and is in still ather country’s that you give you word that you are faithful, loyal youre plight to do in good time’s and bad time’s, sickness and health until the death youre past. That’s what you heard to day, so can you youre live by the same women, if you see a hansame girl that better by you, and you can handle more, you have a lot of plessure with her and think youre women than?. Have she in the past let seen she can be jealousy?. If that is so you have to look out, but gay-boys or man they are be worse in theire jealousy that’s incredebale you do not believe it. But i have seen from very close on a little party where i whas so i know where i’am talking about. Lesbine’s (a women and a women) they will have still getting a child, but if they are be married than they have a lot of paperwork to do, because will they a good father find and the risk is great when you go to the hospital for K.I. (sade of the the unknown man bring in to the women, at good be from a murderer you know that not). It is not a unknown K.I. eny-more so they know where they, all the time at begins. Gayman can not have childeren but someone have a child it is addopted from India or China more than 1 child may the parents not get. You have more than 1 child the ather children (the authority get them away) of you are gay or not they are glad you will have the child and you get youre child. This is a drama apart. But by a marriage and before you get ask her you will have a pleasent day is ‘nt it. You dream a year that you are on in the sky, problems you have not and if you have they put you away that’s for a ather time. No ather time if you women somting will you can not say that is for a ather time. That is the same by boys or man they are gay. The most gay that have wimen afact’s (the most wimen, of theire mother gene’s) so the gay with the what is gay but shall must be the hunter and they know not who is the gay, if they walkt on street, you and me can it see, but themselfs see it not she ask it of they know it but, it is no this is not for me, oké he is hansame but his caracter. That are thing’s that they see of in a little speak they know it. That is not a man for me. But one think you can say from a gay-man is they are always honstley to a ather and to them self. How that is with lesbyn-women they can also very happy are with them both, where they in believe one of the two is also here the hunter. The live begins with a hunting man after a women and it is still so theire is nothing in nothing else, and people are in groups to stay or a prime-number give sorry i found that unhewn, is that easy for the documention, no i think it not, i would not suscribe  that word but i could not else. They are not diffrent chairs the one is cheeper than the ather one, we are all people, people they have the right on a lucky live is ‘nt it? That is my answer on youre question, theire is enghouf war in the world, we have put them in different groups. Think about that. And i’am still agree with my self what i have told you and i hope that you have a fine weddingtime a great reception, you have a butiful day, i put you also not into a group, and i’am happy for the people they will married after you and they are gay that’s important, that they have enless the chance to do that. Love is in the air, it shall be normal and nobody found it strainge or rear of a jude must to speak and say you may married, that is strainge for me. For  to married i have never seen a jude.


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