Is He A Winner Or A Loser?

20150727_090450He walkt with his haed to the ground away what he thing’s we do not know, anway he is forgotten his sorwd a view passes after him. The sky is dark, perfect for a fight, a clash between two folks, what maybe never has ended. Maybe was it just the beginning. The flag left behind the worriar, it’s rear that he has not pickt up his sorwd and the flag with it can be his own flag but, it can also be from the concurrent, with who he has a clash. The grass is high, the wind is getting up. He stumble further, maybee theire get it gale of worse, maybee he thout just one thing, how i get away here! The flag and his sword than he is not forgotten, but shall come back to his sword and the flag to pick up. But it whas a great risk what he took’s. And so he struggeld he to look for a place where he whas safe. Normal he washen’t afraid for a little bit gale or there must bee a (he feels maybe that theire whas a hurycane on his way). But whas he the only one that whas in life or whas there somting else so when he struggeld away the gunpowder and ather smoke whiff witht the stronger getting gale up into the sky. Everything are laying down sword’s and ather fight-material so as spear’s. The tree whas nearly put on so strong whas the gale, wash he afraid for a hurycane?. It could be, he has the gale into his back, than he whas the last one who the clash – place has been go for his safty. It could be he has somthing to arrangement for his sword and nobody has took it away from him, also the wapen of the ather leader. Until that whas good arranget than he could be safty. Right behind him there feld a stick of a tree near him, the cloud’s are still darker and darker it come’s also because the gunpowder whas also getting up in the darkness of the cloud’s. Evry where whas still fire, but not great flame’s or fire. The gale blow the worriar getting to struggel to came forward. He saw not so good that you can say i should and i found a safty place. No he make a dessilousion no plan no nothing. Should he stumble, that he has lost the fight, or clash, why did them let go with that he is put out of the group, so you can speak he may lived but you are remomove from us. Should he a own soldiers and to get up to their boss, his leader. His leader won and removed the soldier who has betrait him. Their whas no discusion possible for the leader. Everything he must give back and go far frot here. So he did but his helmed he give not back, he will not let see his face.


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