Challenge In Scotland

image (4)When you, if you has read that i would like to go Iland jump and that wish should never came out. Erect that this so whas and i’am now on Scotland in a bar and the people are dancing. Evrybody has fun so me to. One person ask me to go sit by the lag of the freak of Logness, a night long i must wake up. And if i see the freak, i must stay or sitdown, i must make a picture as evidence, and the ather day to let see to the people from the bar and the challenge. I exept the challenge, the nature whas butiful i enjoy it. But indeed at midnight i whas at that moment just awake again. I pick up mine camera and make so quick as possible a photograve from the freak it whas wreely the freak of Lognes when i nearly get back into the sleep, i has the picture, i thought i can go away from this lag. But i should the challenge lose that whas not pretty, atherwise i thought i have the picture. What i not know whas that on the ather site of the lag there whas a fisherman in a littel boat, and he was frightened to death. But i not so as the fisherman, i was just awake for make the picture, so i have no time to be afraid, The freak screamt very hard, and i whas for the first time afraid. So afraid that i make a ather picture, and i turn me back and beklimed to the normal way. I must go away, far from this lag this whas one time but no any more. One’s but never more. This whas a challenge in Scotland. I would quick to a ather Island.


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