A MH17 Victim.

Whas this need? To kill 289 human been with nothing has too do in a war between seperatisten and Ukraine goes. And still does. And say the Russian authority that they are quilty, to shout down a flight for people they go with vacation, but let we the Ukraine not forget i have seen pictures they are maked not authority but by people that drove theire, they where at that moment on vacation. They passed the crasside when they talkt about the poor people who lived about there. And left from them they heard a lot of noise, they lookted and make a film and photograf’s a lot of. I have seen them from the beginning thus, start to end. Where they go left on with Country that it whas and until the moment that the plane shoult from upstairs (cockpit) Bukrocket from ground to the back of the plane, rump. Why is that need those people has nothing to do with that war. And i read in the morning the paper that Obama the Netherlands will help, to the people who has this done for the jude, the victims and theire family may have a good feeling as that happend. So as the Russian Federation it will than shall it never happend, or you has a second Lockerbiecase. There are 5 country’s they are talk and work about a plan B. But theRussian Federation has his veto not enymore, normally you have just one veto and they brought them. That is not very clever, sorry that i it say but the Russian could can come with a own report what on the black box are is sayed. So good as they may a ather report come’s and on time by the VN to has devolves, they are afraid for political game’s but the Russian Federation begin theire with. When the Netherlands has a ather politician man has for out side buzzni ‘s. He whas so angry no word that the Russian man has say whas good, it feel so hard on his soul, i think he never forget that. And now they do it again, but what will Obama do for the Netherland, will he talk with Poetin or somting else? I read in the newspaper ,i heard it on the radio, when i have to wake up and i read it on internet you can not more do i think. But, this and it shall, always a day 17 july in the Netherlands. As 9/11 for American people is. This whas not need is and it or i’am wrong? Than you can tell it me.


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