He Cancel The Marriage

A fieuw fellows has told to mine mother in law that a good friend and his girlfiend go or will be married, she whas walking on the cloud’s. What evry girl does is, with family or ather girlfiend’s to look for a good and butiful dress, so she did to. The boy whas just not so far, she must say when do you look for a suit for ouwer wedding? She meand us wedding, i think so. The date we have not what do you like they looked both in theire agenda with date the best is. After a 1/2 year, but that is to early we’ve not evrything around. With date than, than it shall be next year on the same date, that whas good. A 1/2 year to long for the boy, and to mutch, and he begon to think, is this girl where i’am old with the love i have for her, and what has she for me a lot of love or not, even so mutch as i have. He must found out this, he ask her to her to get, whit him to eat in a nice restaurant. She go agree with this, she would at home her dress for to get, when he came, from his house, to her house for to pickup. And the girl walkt still on the cloud’s, she has no idea what her to waiting stood. She could not know, he has nothing talking about this (from is this the right girl), and his doubt’s are still greater and greater. When the day whas nearly and nearly, and the moment whas there, all important think’s are settelt, so the man can do his his duty. And ask evrybody for a moment. The crouwd were still and he ask the man what is youre anwer (normaly you say yes) he say NO he ask the women she say yes, he ask the man again, again he say NO. He want to know sure, and ask him for the last time What is youre answer NO. I declare this marriage for to cancel the man would not married, can you see some things in the futer to us. The man tought that the women must payd so as the band, eat evrything, he tought that wreely. But he say 3 x time’s NO than must he evrything payd. Theire is he a long time, with bissy former. But it is his own folt.


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