What’s this is this a new tsunami or a implosian, all sand is coming out of the see. my story what i wrote is gone, because i have no choose of a tag, on With the first sin begon the story, but i choose for the newspaper that into my screem, a ather come’s. And my fingers are dancing about the letters i have no pain enymore. If i myself good rember goes it about a doubble ocean. A ocean under ouwer normal ocean. They would find out what that noise whas, a special undersee boat must go so far that they have mask’s for to get breve. So they can to see what it whas. They could so far a way under water if they can see, or maybe further under the see. But the strainge whas that they did have not a camera without them, than you have evidance, or provment that you can show what’s happend under the ocean, where still a ather ocean this ather ocean, whas ugly full with ugly fishes and how did they there come, how old whas it, and how long whas the second ocean there?. For evrybody whas this a great asking the question must be to people, they have learn for  this exeptionel syentisht. They must know more, but how can the people, who in fear lived be calm holded. Them has no camera be or smokkeking a camera, what the people indeed not know. Why should you do that?. There were just bizzy with the new building of theire houses, they had a vieuw month ago a tsunami and now again why. The people think that the God’s theire punished them. And than we may not forget the people that inland’s are, have theire life’s you must see not what for live they have. People they have hungry and are wounded and nobody came to them for to give a littel bit help. Until the autorithy’s, from a ather country say this could not thus go with a helicopter about that area and give them water and somting to eat. A lot of they have not enymore, eat by them selfs?. Before that all whas happend go people to that country, because it whas so butiful, mutsh to believe and to see, nice market’s with food and ather attractif think’s. Are you come’s in a local village deep inland, than they can let you see also butiful thing’s, and than first a tsunami and a vieuw month’s theire after it look like a see implosian, not nice for the people. In the Netherlands they go a great actian for this country. It brought Miljons for the country that whas in a great state uppermost confuse. So a nice and butiful country, with all what you want, when you theire on vacation. Theire is so a lot to see that it is unbelievebol. But it have also his extreme side’s with i don’t like to subscribe. (As young wimen may not to school, they have to work) also the dirty work, where for action’s are be nassary (World Child). That is theire for the cildren to help to school. What deep inland not very good works how hard they do them best. But for so far i know they have a new programme for the childeren, first learn to be child youre young learn to play footbal, for the boys, and boys and girls make music and they give lessons (not in a building) but outside under the sun, when it is to hot than they go sit under the trees, they give some shadow. Sorry that i’am this saying, so struggeld that country forward. But the childeren like school, they will very glad to learn, they are always happy to get to school. So they get lessons in littel groups and it helps a lot. That is just the group that have to walk to mutsh, they do theire a day about it. That Country is butiful, also with his own innate. Many people go there for a vacation, but than for a wile or long time, if you can do that i not, so now we go back to them futher i hope what the people has done from World Child that the country has come up frome a deep valley. It could so be ather’s and atherwise they have to work longer (people from World Child) Anyway i hope still that them programme work, and that children has a young and care-free youth, without not any more working or ather things that they have to do. What i mean with ather thing’s to do i dont like to subscribe that not anymore one time is enghough. We have it about the country of Nepal that two times, between the see and his eruptions make worse. I have written about the culture and the bad things they are happen, and i ask myself the eruptions are also a littel culture of Nepal, a fortuitous, what the country is happend. But that theire nearly in the neighbor is that a fortuitous to. At can be a fortuitous but i ask me is this wreely a fortuitous, it could be, but i think from not, and why, if the aerth does one second longer about his cirkel, this happend evry year the aerth evry year one second longer for he has 365 days has done. Than can the most rearly things happen in a country so as the culture of Nepal and his tsunami’s or ather eruptions, implosions, what can happen in the Netherlands they want very glad a that the people who have MH17 lock down with a bukracket and upside. What happend next year if i that must think about, than i have not a long life. But i think not about that i have inspiration or not, now i have so this is not very Philosophic but i whas still begon on this articel.


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