mountains_previewI remember it that we, will go back to Kasbah and, we came out in Kalagrosh, mine budy and i where there prisoners, i know it well, but we lived, normaly with ouer group a nomadic life. After a year we go to Sancta M, more did us not tell about it. When the chief sayd that we go to travel to Sancta M. He say it must be in the lost country of Sillar, there are works to do, they will a new town build, and the dry ground make to tale that you can, youre own eat. If we there found us home – land than we have not anymore to travel. We knew not better, than to travel. After a long Journey we’ve tought that we came to a simple gard. With so whas. So we where quickly into the forgotten land of Sillar, Sillar whas him-self not forgotten. We saw water on ouer right emarbeld a lot of Ships they are coming and they are go into the water and go stream up moving, what very diffecult whas. And the chief of us will look further, nobody ask him why?. But what we has seen, whas one great dessert, the people say nothing and they do what them whas told. They walkt with a group, and till great stone’s (menhirs). From the boat to the land of Sillar, and that whas very havy. They where put down (the stone’s) under the high in the sky build, “look like houses”in the dessert, i could not myself, that see not to do, sush great stone’s on mine shoulders. That whas (if you good saw) not possible and it is dangerous building on weakly paw’s, could they hold that (the weakly paw’s)?. It whas so quiet, only work, and there where not anything bespoken to eachather. Mine buddy and i did also not spoke, to eachather, nobody about the group did that. What has the chief of Sillar to the work-people sayd, has they a deadline maybe, or maybe not. There whas a rearly sun, and the cloud’ssay also not very, mutsh good. The houses, look like monsters. But we have not seen the inside of a house. This may not, they have told they are not inside good, for living. The dessert whas rad. Where it also monsters?. Or a new stile?. We did not know. But the look and the forward of the monsters, for me they are monsters, why bring the chief of us, to travel, to a monsterly land of that cald Sillar. Than i was my fondest for a 1/2 year longer in the Kasbah, before you know where you can go with youre group Nomad’s we’ve not better know Always traveling. But this is for the first time that i’am not agree with my chief. I know at the at the moment why, they are has spoken about the forgotten land of Sillar. There lived only monsters in mine opinion. And there lived (as slave’s) only work and work hard the people who there lived day after day. How could i say to mine chief i’am not agree with youre dissision. I have first to say mine buddy, if he go with me than we stand stronger. I feel myself not save with the monsters between me. I’ll will the confrontation get on.


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