Paul Ryan like’s me a good candidate, he know where he is talking aubout. Rubio is also a good candidate but a littel to passioned and we’ve you may not forgot him Donald Trump. He know nothing about politic’s but the people remember the problems who he has to tell asking or not he say it. No i do not like that (Donald Trump) but you have a democrate they will against Hillray Clinton. Who shall it be, it is a Yew with a verry diffecult name. He has already say it’s a great misstake that the contract with Libia is singd. (in Geneva) The Republican has more candidate’s. But i always vote on a candidate who is the shortest to mine principals with are must be done for the country. So as Economic problem’s, work – problem’s etc. Than the ather people know very quickly on with site i can stand, but i will see and here them, i have Rubio seen and Ryan, they are the most possible candidate’s for the nominatian. And by the Democrats i do not know, i did not here and see anything who goes up for the nominatian. I think that the Democrats there choise allrady have made it shall be Hillary Clinton, as only women against a man is very diffecult, she knows that too. I think she, shall fight for it, but a vote i have nothing see, so i can nothing tell. It shall be a intrassting election. But if i wreely see so as it go and there is no any ather candidate than you can one thing do, young people making exithing and make exhousted with some thing’s they are on fact’s good, you have make youre homework if you will go up for President. Some time’s i think, if you read the paper or you see the news they must be so objective as they could. Some time’s the papers tell me more than the politacians say what they will do for the country. I can not handle that. And if politacians don’t speak the true, it’s better for youre one sensibillity to say “i go”. “Good i whas not Honestley”. It is maybe oldfasned but so i think. Also if i give him or her a vote. Than it is by me: “your are not honestley than you have no vote from me anymore, anytime”. Than i go look for the candidate who has nothing to lose and just even by mine principals coming so as study, economic and work. And a good health. This are point where a political candidate on has to work that are the points where are i looking for. We can go argu, when all the democrates candidates, we know who they are?. Than shall it be intrasting, who shall be nominated by the Democrates and who shall be nominated by the Republicans. Than shall it be diffefult to give a vote who not is or has be the nomination. Than, they have to come with good arguments to get mine vote. I make not blinded a vote, i will first the thinks be have good who is the best candidate for me, for to give him or her mine vote. It’s maybe written in the rhigt order, but so i feel that. And there are not in the V.S elections but Germany to they have no candidates and has Angela Merkel ask for again to go for the elections, it shall be Merkel she is the only one. The people must somting to vote have, thats politcian not correctly. I do not know how it is in ather country’s. There must something on to do, so has Hillary Clinton i hope that she more canidates get out her party than it is now on this moment, she must it even get so heart than her Republican college’s. So than have we someting for to choose. If it is only Clinton against a Rebublican you have nothing to vote for by the Democrate’s that is even so political incorrect. And we knew that A. Merkel has no voice against her from a ather party, political incorrect. The Country shall be leading given, and it is incorrect happend that can not be the true from the political mind seen than. If we go have it about the voting for the correct politician from the Republicans than is that so correct as possible happend and than hope that the man who that you find they could this, this job to go for President. I come for myself out by Rubio or Ryan but both has to confind me in ther politcian statemant and were they are for stand and to do for the country. But i shall never know on who i go and give mine vote until i’am standing in urly of the morning by the vote – place, where i shall do mine dudty honestly aswel. But if there is no candidate how do you that defend that to youre public youre people they give you, you trust and confedance you can bechamed and to say “sorry we have no candidates” “sorry aswel but the country has somebody need who can give the country any leading”. And show us the way where is work to find, how do you the economic’s to go and to hold up. All this asking’s from youre people who asking, i have to give a vote but on who than?. If there is nobody?. Where do you get someone can i this doing, i do not know. And if you be president than you have more to do than you thought and maybe you do youre best as you can but you can not evrything. And Presidentes make also folts he or she is also a human thus that you can suspect too. The great philosophers out ouer lifetime has always make mistake’s and we can that read to. So who shall be win the nomination?.


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